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  • Hugh Miller
    Mina-- Oh boy...! On Sunday I went up to our store to give my partner Stan a day off. I went into the back room and popped a video in the vhs machine that
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2002

      Oh boy...! On Sunday I went up to our store to give my partner Stan a day
      off. I went into the back room and popped a video in the vhs machine that
      wireless broadcasts to the big Tv up in the front of the store: DOMINION:
      TANK POLICE, original idea and manga by Masamune Shirow. It takes several
      hours to play. This is my personal (and untranslated) copy of the anime.

      I was watching it happily between customers and two things happened I wasn't
      expecting; #1, there is a scene in the closing credits of each episode
      where a large globe of water appears, and Anipuma and Unipuma (androids in
      the series) are swimming around nude like fish in a bowl (satire/parody
      intended by the producers). I glanced up and saw a woman looking at it with
      a dumbfounded look on her face and nudging her boyfriend/husband with her
      elbow for him to look at it. I tried to make a joke of it and yelled out
      "hey, it's flesh-colored full bodysuits!" and she replied "yeah..." with a
      sort of a snarl, and they left post haste. *-* *-* *-* Mind you, there
      was nothing other than the Puma sisters' body shapes on the screen. No
      nipples (sorry to have to explain this in detail) or anything else. Totally
      androgynous except for their body shapes. #2 was when DOMINION showed an
      old and semi-destroyed art museum, and Michealangelo's DAVID, without the
      fig leaf, was displayed. Another woman/girl walked around the corner, saw
      DAVID, and got the hell out of there at warp speed. I guess the depiction
      freaked her out, even if David is rather underendowed... (weak smile) Wot
      the heck, Modigliani was next on the screen and I've always liked his

      I went back into the back room and started to put GHOST IN THE SHELL on, but
      worried about the opening titles, showing a woman cyborg being constructed
      from full metal frame to full nude womanhood. No, I said to myself, that
      might freak them out even more. Then I reached for a silly comedy, YU YU
      HAKUSHO but realized it had bad language and a lot of violence.

      Okay, I thought, I can always put on DNA2, it's okay, but then I remembered
      what it was all about, and the -uhh- several sexy scenes in it. Eeep!

      Then, I said, "The Hell With It, No One Could Possibly Object To Blue Sub
      #6.....!!!" Then I woke up and realized that every single anime and manga I
      own, and this even includes GUNDAM, is orientated towards adults, or at
      least people over 18 years of age. I'm not talking any sort of pornography,
      either! I don't watch that stuff. I got over that phase many years ago.

      No way I'd ever show SHADOW SKILL up there, for instance. (I can hear Brian
      laughing himself silly over this one) I think it's a marvelous anime, but,
      ah, the everyday American is not at all prepared for it.

      I guess I'm going to have to haul all of the few of my video collection out
      of the store that I left up there for general viewing (not sales or rental).
      They are just gathering dust. Everyday Americans freak out when they see
      them because they are not used to these things. Poor Americans.... >-< ;;
      They have no idea what they are missing.

      On the other paw, licensed anime dvd rentals are going along nicely because
      _those_ people know what they are renting, and there is no problem. ^-^

      Badger, non-plussed at some of the reactions he got last Sunday...

      (I just don't understand it... It's okay to see ultra violent live action
      films, but not an animation that actually has some serious art values to it?
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