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Re: J-Pop music, was Confessional

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      Subject: Re: J-Pop music, was Confessional

      > Badger:

      I said:
      > > You may be amazed to learn that with the current "rock" radio
      > > stations in my
      > > area of the world, Utada is a breath of fresh air, musically
      > > speaking. -_^

      You replied:
      > That's surprising. I had thought that it was only the phenomenon
      > in Japan.

      There are plenty of people in the USA, non-Japanese, that listen to J-pop.
      They ask us all the time to get it for them, but then are stunned by the
      prices of legitimate non-pirate CDs and can't afford it. ($35-45 is a
      normal range of price for one CD from Japan, but some are being licensed in
      Taiwan and the price is coming down a lot. The Utada CD is an example)

      > Are the recent American music _that bad_? <g>

      It's horrible. Really horrible. At least on radio play.

      There are some good things out there, but you never seem to hear them on
      radio. At least I don't. One of the reasons I enjoy going to Anime
      conventions is listening to the CD sellers' music they put on big sound
      systems that play in the Dealer's room. That, and the music videos that
      fans with too much computer equipment and too much time on their hands (vbg)
      make, putting clips from anime together with little-heard "good" American
      music and making a story for everyone to enjoy watching and listening to.

      I just saw what is going to become the music video for AWA 7's opening
      ceremonies, and it just _blew me away_... A _masterpiece_. At the end of
      the music video, there are _5_ screen pages of credits for the anime's that
      were excerpted and done so well that the words actually fit the anime
      characters' mouth movements almost 100% of the time, and it was done to a
      USA song I've never heard of before in my _life_. That's how BAD radio play
      is, here in the states. I already know how fans are going to react to it,
      because I was laughing and grinning so hard that my face was squeezing happy
      tears out of my eyes. (g!) The fans will go crazy seeing this perfect
      blend. I expect them to stand up and start dancing in the aisles! Really!

      So yes, I enjoy J-pop _very_ much, but it would also be nice if I could hear
      new music with merit like some J-pop, on my radio here as well. ^-^

      > > Yes, music is very subjective, I agree. Thanks for your honest
      > > opinion! ^-^

      > You're welcome! ^-^
      > Kazuyo

      And thanks again!

      Badger ^-^
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