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  • Steve Pettit
    Apr 18, 2014
    As some of you know, my my Father passed away, I inherited an entire woodworking shop, chock full of dangerous tools.

    Well, after my cat walked across the top of my PC, and hit the rest button for the 3rd time, I decided I needed a new desk.

    I have the tools, the technology.  I can build it better, faster, stronger...  Ok, the middle one doesn't apply. :)

    So, I started with an idea.  Since I dabble in 3D modeling, I created my idea in 3D and rendered it out...
    Virtual Desk

    Doesn't look too bad, and I can do pretty much everything needed to make this a reality...

    That was 4 weeks ago.  This is what I've got now:
    Real Computer Desk

    I've got another week of sanding and staining to do yet, but I'm looking out the end of the tunnel now...

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