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5123virtual reality beyond Second Life

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  • Hugh Miller
    Nov 14 1:41 PM
      Ok, this ought to replace Second Life, it's being done by SL's founder, is funded by SL and a consortium of very deep pockets like Google and others, and it seriously approaches the levels of science fiction virtual worlds in many, many ways.
      Be sure to read to the bottom because there's a lot of rehashing of facts along the way that slightly bored me but you'll miss a lot of pertinent stuff if you quit early.
      One of the cool parts is you can contribute the processing power of your own computer (like when you are sleeping or away from home) to help run the site, thereby earning virtual world funds to help you finance all the stuff you'll want to get on the new one.  Heck, I'd put a new power supply in my old but fast (dedicated graphics processor, extra RAM) XP computer and set it up to run 24/7 on there.