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  • Hugh Miller
    Aug 22, 2013
    I was playing and I decided to see just how far I could push a cellphone picture.  This is from a LG Optimus S, 3.1megapixel camera.
    I did not do a single thing that could not be done in a darkroom.  I want to emphasize that strongly. 
    If anyone says "oh sure, he has Photoshop, a $1,400 program", I encourage you to check out GIMP, a free program that could do this picture so close to this it would amaze you.  Yes, that's right, FREE.
    All you need to have is a vision of how you want it to turn out and start there.
    Original picture was only 72 DPI.  You can see it as I have included it.  My finished version is 350 DPI.  I simply increased the DPI, threw in some "clarity", added saturation to intensify colors, and applied a vignette to blur out the distracting outer edges and lead the eye to the center. 
    I repeat, I did nothing than cannot be done in a darkroom if you had the equipment, and you too can get similiar results with GIMP if you don't have Adobe.
    This is also a good example of "found art" as the lillies were growing in a hardware store parking lot.  Couldn't resist taking the shot.