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Spam and other issues

I have cleaned out, so I thought, all of the spam people. I will work hard to remove peoples accounts that send spam. If your account gets removed on
Jul 21, 2011

24th Pacific Northwest Nationals, 7/22/2011, 12:00 am

Reminder from: 62chrysler Yahoo! Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/62chrysler/cal 24th Pacific Northwest Nationals Friday July 22, 2011 All Day Location:
Jul 20, 2011

Re: 62Chryslers is back

Hi Blake, I know these good 'ol cars do tend to rust out a bit. Most of the hard bits like the trunk floor are cheap and easy to get. If your front fenders
Jul 18, 2011

Re: 62Chryslers is back

Hi, Eric... Thanks for taking the wheel... I love the early 60's Chryslers too... I have a '62 Chrysler Windsor, that was my grandfather's when new... and it's
Jul 18, 2011

62Chryslers is back

Hi all, I've taken contol as Moderator. I'm not sure if anybody is still around. I've cleaned up the messages, deleted users that aren't real, added some
Jul 17, 2011


Can molly rings be had for the 413? Charles Major 270.791.4139 Moble 208.728.4443 FAX
charles major
May 19, 2007

1962 Chrysler 300 for sale 4 door sport...

This car is currently just about finished with prepping for paint. The motor has been completely rebuilt by a chrysler engine development employee. Trans was
Mar 26, 2007

Migrate to New Site.......

Okay, its all set-up.....Everyone, please join the new group so the real members can have some control now!! Dominic, after you join, you will be a moderator.
Jan 29, 2007

Re: Site Moderation

All Right, lets do it then.....its set-up Dominic, send me an e-mail and you will be a moderator after you join. Then after everyone joins, be sure to end
Jan 29, 2007

Re: Site Moderation

Ed, When the group was set up many years ago it had a moderator. No one wanted to take over so the position, and the passwards were lost as far as I know. The
Dominic Messina
Jan 29, 2007

Site Moderation

If the owner of this group would like some help moderating, please let me know. I used to be known as blakbirdz, put changed up due to all the spam. I cant
Jan 29, 2007

Tail Light lenses NOS

I have a pair of NOS 62 Chrysler tail light lens. They were never installed on a car, but do have some chips on the otter edges that would not be seen when
Jan 26, 2007

62 chrysler outside mirrors

I have two extra mirrors for a 62 Chrysler should fit 60-66 also. One is a remote, complete with control. and working, it needs to be rechromed. Mirror is
Dominic Messina
Jan 26, 2007

Re: Steering wheel cover

I too would like to find a cover that will fit my Chrysler's steering wheel. I would also like to get an outside rearview mirror for the passengers side
Jan 13, 2007

Re: Steering wheel cover

Does anyone know where to get a large steering wheel cover for my 62 Newport? They all seem to be for small steering wheels now. I have some extra parts if
Dominic Messina
Jan 9, 2007
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