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Re: [5feet] Reservations for Russian trains - how you can save some money!

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  • Helmut Uttenthaler
    ... From: Emil Jelstrup ... EUR 27 (BTW, EUR 50 to Vladivostok) if bought through ÖBB. Today I ve been at the central station in Graz,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 21, 2002
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      From: "Emil Jelstrup" <emj@...>

      > > > A reservation Moscow - Irkutsk in kupeyny
      > > > costs about €25-50 each way if bought through DB.

      EUR 27 (BTW, EUR 50 to Vladivostok) if bought through ÖBB. Today I've been
      at the central station in Graz, to try if reservations are possible from
      here too. They are possible, and the man at the ticket office was quite
      surprised, it seems that reservations for trains beyond Moskva are something
      unusual at Graz...;-)

      (Because my trip will start in July, it's not yet possible to make
      reservations, and so I made a test-reservations for
      any date (2002-02-03)- only to see if it works -, which I've cancelled

      > > > Germany - Moscow costs about
      > > > €25 in 3-bed sleeper.
      > >
      > > Vienna - Moscow costed EUR 16,35 last year,
      > It should probably be €163,50.

      It's EUR 16,35, but that's the price for the reservation (3-bed-sleeper).
      The train fare (2nd class, one-way) was EUR 110,17 last summer, (~EUR 90
      with BIJ-Wasteels and Vorteilsticket).

      > You could probably also save a lot of money if
      > you took a train Vienna - Bratislava, and another train Bratislava -

      I could also take an earlier train to Breclav (1st station in Czech Republic
      on the way to Moskva) and buy the ticket to Moskva there. That should also
      be cheaper.

      > > maybe prices went up. But 25
      > > years ago the sleeper supplement for this trip was about ATS 400 (EUR
      > > reflecting inflation it would cost about EUR 70 now...
      > I don't think it would cost more than €40-50. €70 sounds exteremly
      > compared with sleeper supplements from Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.

      EUR 16,35 was the sleeper supplement in 2001 (see above), so it's cheaper
      than 25 years ago!
      EUR 70 would be the price today, if the price increase would have been the
      same e.g. as for domestic Austrian tickets.

      > Wouldn't it be possible just to buy a Sparpreis ticket from Salzburg
      (which is
      > a both German and Austrian tariff point) to Irkutsk via Vienna? Or if
      > not possible, a ticket from the border station on the German side?

      AFAIK the Sparpreis Russland is only available via German/Polish border

      > Then you could avoid most of the detour...

      The detour is no problem, as I like going by train.
      Actually I'm considering following route:

      Graz - IC - Bischofshofen - EC - München - ICE - Hannover - EN/D - Moskva -
      #10 "Baikal" - Irkutsk - #9 "Baikal" - Jekaterinburg - #15 "Ural" - Moskva -
      D/EN - Hannover - ICE - München - EC - Bischofshofen - IC - Graz (16662 km)

      Another questions regardin train reservations in Europe and Asia:

      Turkmenistan and Armenia afaik do not use Express 2 (3). Do they use any
      electronic booking network at all? How was the situation during the Soviet

      Are reservations between EPA and Express-2 (3) also possible vice-versa,
      e.g. would it be possible to make a train reservation from, say, Graz Hbf
      (somewhere in Austria) to Stainach-Irdning (somewhere in Austria) at the
      station of, say, Vladivostok?


      Helmut Uttenthaler
      Graz - Austria
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