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Re: [4x6bandsaw] RE: Motor bounce

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  • wa5cab
    OK. That makes sense. My motor bracket is cast. In a message dated 10/05/2013 12:03:00 PM Central Daylight Time, ... Robert & Susan Downs - Houston wa5cab
    Message 1 of 10 , Oct 5, 2013
      OK.  That makes sense.  My motor bracket is cast.

      In a message dated 10/05/2013 12:03:00 PM Central Daylight Time, te51levin@... writes:
      The problem I have with the motor bracket is that the bracket itself is made of thin sheet metal and is no longer strong enough to maintain its shape.  Tightening the adjustment screw beyond a certain point only bends the bracket further.  When the bracket bends, the motor loosens and/or bounces.  It's not bad enough to stop me using the saw, but it's not ideal, so the plan is to piece together a new motor mount at some point to cure that.

      ---In 4x6bandsaw@yahoogroups.com, <4x6bandsaw@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I haven't had a problem with the screw coming loose but if I had, I would have backed the screw off and run a lock nut onto it.   Should cure the problem.

      Robert D.

      In a message dated 10/05/2013 09:33:09 AM Central Daylight Time, chunk07@... writes:
      My 4x6 has the adjusting screw for the belt tention and the bounce problem. I tighten the screw, but it doesn't stay tight. I'll try the bunjee cord idea.


      ---In 4x6bandsaw@yahoogroups.com, <wa5cab@...> wrote:

      My 4x6 (from the 1970's or 80's) came with a tension screw on the motor mount.  It's a 5/16"-18 thumbscrew (plastic knob for a head) through a tapped hole in the pivoting (cast) motor mounting plate, above the pivot point.  The screw bears against the end of the saw base casting.  To change pulley grooves, you have to loosen it before you can swing the motor up.  But with it tight, the motor cannot move.

      Robert Downs - Houston
      wa5cab dot com (Web Store)
      MVPA 9480

      In a message dated 10/04/2013 19:00:49 PM Central Daylight Time, stevetroyer56@... writes:
      I have in the past, had a problem when cutting metal the blade runs into resistance which changes with the thickness as the blade slices through the metal. I ti salmost impossible to set the arm tension correctly when cutting through tubing or metal at angles.

      What that does is make the motor move up and down in order to keep the blade running without binding. But what then happens is that the arm starts bouncing up and down causing blade damage as the teeth bite into the metal.

      So what I did to stop that was add a bungee cord to the mounting base of the motor and then to the stand of the saw. (off the back of the saw)

      What that did was stop the oscillating bounce and keeps a steady blade movement and a much smoother cut.

      Give it a try. It is a cheap trick to do and will keep your saw blade from bouncing off the metal.

      Robert & Susan Downs - Houston
      wa5cab dot com (Web Store)
      MVPA 9480
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