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    Apr 22, 2014
      John, Hard to say whats going on there... These images aren't that large, so your connection probably isn't the issue. Under powered machine? Multiple toolbars loaded in your browser?  Try a different browser, or a different computer if you can to see if it's specific to yours...

      On 4/22/14 4:02 AM, Alys & John Vreede wrote:

      Thanks Marc, the photo you posted now shows the whole deal which I couldn’t see before.

      But as for blowing it up all that gives me is a giant fuzzy picture that only sometimes clears (hence my ‘sometimes’ comment in my first email). 

      Nothing I do makes it clear any quicker than it sometimes does of its own accord – is there something I can do to get those pictures to clear?

      We’re on copper broadband – do you have to have a certain minimum speed for yahoo pics to clear? What am I missing? - jv


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      Much as I despise yahoo, I created an album (mroadsters). Here's a larger image - https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/4x6bandsaw/photos/albums/1651776865/lightbox/1273540723#

      On 4/21/14 3:47 AM, Alys & John Vreede wrote:


      Hey Marc

      Not easy to see in the tiny photos they allow us as attachments, but if you post the photos in the Photos section you can (sometimes) blow them up an see whats going on.

      I take it you made a rolling frame to stand the saw on.  The wheels don’t show – how do you stop the whole lot rolling when you’re using it? - jv



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      [Attachment(s) from m included below]

      Finally got around to doing something about the stand on my HF 4x6 saw.

      I made a large frame & slapped some wheels on it. I set the saw on top
      of it, and tack welded the corner braces to the frame. Unbolted the
      corner braces from the stand and lifted off the saw. Did some finish
      welds, and bolted the saw back on the stand.

      It's totally solid now, and easy to roll around.


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