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13085Re: [4x6bandsaw] Stand

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  • Dennis Engelkenjohn
    Apr 20, 2014
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      for some reason, yahoo won’t let me into the photo section. would really like to see the plans for the saw stand.
      Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2014 11:16 PM
      Subject: RE: [4x6bandsaw] Stand

      For all you who, like me hate the flimsy 4 x 6 metal stand, In the Yahoo 4 x 6 Photos are photos I posted some  years ago of a Low Caster Stand for the saw, low enough to easily fit under a workbench, made from wood of all things. I know wood is a foreign object to all  you welder wielding metal guys but it is quick and easy material, very ridged, and build in a few hours. The photos are titled “Table/Seat & Low Caster Stand” because included is a easily mad “wood” fold-up seat that clamps in the vice as you sit down and cut your intricate shapes in  the vertical mode.

      The easily copied plans and other photos for both the stand and the fold-up seat are in the Yahoo 4 x 6 photo section entitled, “neilaz Modifications.” It may interest you fellows who have heard of him, that the low caster stand is a design of the late Rudy Kouhoupt designed to fit in his small crowded shop. The very useable fold-up seat is a design of D.A. Drayson. Probably took me a couple of hours to make. I’ve been using both for years, in my machine shop of course, couldn’t have that metal grit producing machine in my wood shop.

      Think wood you guys. For benches and stands leaves you lots of time to do your fun metalworking. Use bolts and nuts with good wood and it will never come apart.


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      Finally got around to doing something about the stand on my HF 4x6 saw.

      I made a large frame & slapped some wheels on it. I set the saw on top
      of it, and tack welded the corner braces to the frame. Unbolted the
      corner braces from the stand and lifted off the saw. Did some finish
      welds, and bolted the saw back on the stand.

      It's totally solid now, and easy to roll around.


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