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  • Hello Melinda I'm still not good enough. I try to resume programing exercises, but it goes very slow, and sometimes I need to return to very beginning: not exactly programs like "C=A+B;" but very close. I think we should enable automatic and hybrid solutions. Now such solves go to checksum errors, and now I think it's not good idea. I've uploaded new version of MPUlt.exe ( http...
    andreyastrelin@... Jul 20, 2016
  • Solved 3^4... on 5 inch Android... after the brain surgery. Unfortunately this says nothing about my perspectives, so keep fingers crossing.
    andreyastrelin@... Jan 22, 2016
  • Tetraspace by rantonels Tetraspace by rantonels A four-dimensional puzzle. View on rantonels.itch.io Preview by Yahoo Looks like simplified clone of Miegacue. Now there are 12 levels. When you reach level 8, note that you can move diagonally from one block to another, so you don't need to "pull" blue block.
    andreyastrelin@... Dec 9, 2015
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  • Solving of 4D puzzle in progress: https://habrastorage.org/files/df4/8a5/73f/df48a573fb294a99b45a001ea92078a4.png https://habrastorage.org/files/df4/8a5/73f/df48a573fb294... View on habrastorage.org Preview by Yahoo
    andreyastrelin@... Dec 2, 2015
  • I'm not very sure that universe should have any number of "dimensions" at all. Our universe looks like 3D+1D manifold (at least at large scale, from femtometers and up), but why any universe should be like this? Mimosa vacuum from Egan's "Schild's Ladder" shows how life can look in the regular graph. 5D world in "Diaspora" is nice attempt to describe physics, chemistry and life in...
    andreyastrelin@... Nov 30, 2015
  • Hello Melinda, I think that sometimes I'm very close to the visualization of 4D objects and scenes. It may be either in form of orthogonal projections of scenes on 3D space (with details of 4D surface as internal structures of 3D bodies), or (in the case of 4D convex polyhedra) in form of our familiar stereographic projections of the surface (as division of space to set of 3D...
    andreyastrelin@... Nov 29, 2015
  • You can get an impression of what 4D person will see if you run 120-cell program: dodecahedron in the center is the closest object to the observer, it has almost undistorted form, and far objects are shrunk in the radial direction. Technically they see a central projection of 3D space on half-hypersphere (3D retina of 4D person) that is topologically equivalent to 3D ball.
    andreyastrelin@... Nov 29, 2015
  • There is very good program that visualize 4D objects as 4D-people see them: urticator.net - Version 6 urticator.net - Version 6 Home > 4D Blocks > Version 6 Controls Settings Block Motion Examples Scene Language Kinds of Blocks Goals History Versions View on www.urticator.net Preview by Yahoo It shows 3D projection of 4D scene as set of line segments - 4D-visible edges of objects...
    andreyastrelin@... Nov 26, 2015
  • On June, 29th I've got a letter from Christian Watanabe (95th in 3^4 list, 44th in 3^5 list) with log file of his solve of 3^7 cube. Solving took 340 hours of program run and about 195000 twists (looks like the second best result). Congratulations, Christian!
    andreyastrelin@... Aug 10, 2015
  • I'm not in this game :) Time to Big Rip is too short to spend 70 hours for another solve of this monster :) Andrey
    andreyastrelin@... Jun 9, 2015