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Re: A Time for Everything

In 2002, the program did not have support for greater than length 3 -- don't remember if it even supported length 2 then. I did dabble with the 3^5 when it
Aug 26

A Time for Everything

I find it interesting that both Christian's 3^7 and Doug's 5^4 solution came many, many years after they first considered attempting them. It sure can be
Melinda Green
Aug 22

Solved 5^4 After 13+ Year Gap from 3^4

This might be a record in a way. :) I just finished solving the 5x5x5x5 on first attempt about 34 hours ago. I went with the very first scramble I got, and
Aug 18

Re: Various issues with MC4D

Hello Doug, This is a fine place to discuss many of these thoughts though the ideal place to start is with the project's issues list here:
Melinda Green
Aug 17

Various issues with MC4D

MC4D Freezes when scrambling 1^4: Program freeze up when I ask it to scramble a 1^4 trivial puzzle ({4,3,3} 1). It hogs up CPU and won't exit. I have to kill
Aug 17

Re: MagicCube5D Stickers

In MC4D, certain moves make certain stickers rotate in-place in 3D. In MC5D, if the stickers are only 3D, you cannot possibly uniquely represent all 4D
Aug 16

Re: 7-th Solve of 7-dimensional cube :)

Thank you very much! I'd like to share my history too, although its not so detailed as Philip's =) Its more my impressions, rather than technical issues. As a
Christian Watanabe
Aug 15

7-th Solve of 7-dimensional cube :)

On June, 29th I've got a letter from Christian Watanabe (95th in 3^4 list, 44th in 3^5 list) with log file of his solve of 3^7 cube. Solving took 340 hours of
Aug 10

Re: {4,3,3} 3.2 as a valid puzzle?

Heh, well it looks like you found some puzzle descriptions that cause failures in the code that culls inverted faces. The spurious stickers you see are from
Melinda Green
Aug 10

Re: {4,3,3} 3.2 as a valid puzzle?

What happens with these puzzle? {5}x{4} 3.38196601125 {5,3}x{} 3.38196601125
Aug 9

MagicCube5D Solved!!! (Thoughts on the Solve)

After solving the 120Cell, I didn't want to waste the rest of my summer. I originally intended to take like a few months to solve the 5D Cube, but seems like
Aug 1

Re: Wierd 4c case in MagicCube5D

Yes, it is possible to have a 4C piece with just 2 stickers swapped in 5D. Although you can't have a 3C piece on the 3D cube swap only two stickers (as Norbert
Roice Nelson
Jul 26

Re: Wierd 4c case in MagicCube5D

Is that possible in MC5D? btw that piece belongs to the U- cell On Sunday, July 26, 2015 3:25 PM, "renslay@... [4D_Cubing]" <4D_Cubing@yahoogroups.com>
Alvin Yang
Jul 26

Re: Wierd 4c case in MagicCube5D

I might be wrong, but that seems impossible. It's like trying to switch two stickers on a corner of a regular 3d cube. Maybe you are looking for a different
Jul 26

Wierd 4c case in MagicCube5D

I need help with this case (shown in the image)  Screenshot ... I need help with this case (shown in the image) Screenshot Screenshot Captured with Lightshot
Alvin Yang
Jul 26
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