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Re: Welcome to the 49megahertz group

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    Thank you, Moderator/Owner... Glad to be aboard... In this day of IC s and VLSI (ULSI?) I don t suppose anyone here is planning on using older tube/valve
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2002
      Thank you, Moderator/Owner...
      Glad to be aboard...

      In this day of IC's and VLSI (ULSI?) I don't
      suppose anyone here is planning on using older
      tube/valve equipment for experimenting on 49 ?!

      Was tuning the recv VFO on my HA-460 around below
      50 MHz a little earlier, heard a couple carriers
      that were probably 'baby monitors', a cordless
      session, and not much more. Of course this was
      on the AM mode... Going to look through some
      of my older books, as I think I saw construction
      projects for outboard FM modulators and demods.
      An I also recall seeing a Japanese sight a while
      back (don't remember the URL) that showed an
      integral FM circuit that had a toggle switch on
      the front panel for switching back-n-forth.

      That mod with a hot RF-PreAmp might have merit.

      Doubt if the VFO in this Lafayette will be stable
      enough for experimentation and minute freq select,
      but if the crystal function were used for both T&R
      it just might be usable :) Of course, I'll have
      to 'pad' the output down a bit from it's current
      8 watts - to something a bit more acceptable ;)

      But then we ALL know it's the antenna that makes
      the station, right ? So, with that in mind, has
      anyone come up with a GREAT design for a 49MHz
      array ? I prefer to 'brew.

      Okay... Now I guess I'd better figure out
      what callsign I should use. I guess I could use
      something akin to a 'serial' or member# followed
      by my MGS (eg 49CM88). Does that work for y'all ?

      Anyone interested in coming up with a sheep-skin
      with a membership# on it relating to this group ?
      I think I remember seeing something on the web-
      based msg reader about someone re-starting a club ?

      Maybe called "49ER", for 49MHz Experimental Radio ?
      (formulating a logo in my minds-eye, off to Gimp)

      Anyone doing digital (data) experimentation on 49 ?
      Always thought it would be neat to come up with a
      local community wireless computer network that
      could be linked to other networks further away via
      one control point with a 'tight' pattern yagi, to
      another control point in the other net using a sim
      array. An omni for the community, a yagi each way
      to link to an 'upstream' and a 'downstream' path.
      The software wouldn't be a problem (NET or NOS),
      and it could all run on a dedicated 286/386 or
      better computer. Surely there must be a few of
      them still left out here that can be rescued and
      put back into operation :)


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