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Re: [48hfp] Greetings from Emerging Artist Productions

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  • John David
    Hey Joel, et al, Glad to know you re excited, and great to hear your positive attitude. Of course every team wants to win it all, but we really want to
    Message 1 of 2 , May 19, 2006
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      Hey Joel, et al,
      Glad to know you're excited, and great to hear your positive attitude.  Of course every team wants to win it all, but we really want to emphasize the simple joy of filmmaking and the opportunities the 48HFP provides to find out more about the great Bay Area film community. 

      So, Joel, to answer your question, this is shaping up to be a great 48 Hour Film Project season!  We already have 34 teams signed up, and the cap will be set at 36 teams this year (up from 26 last year).  If you know any potential team leaders who are dragging their feet, tell them to get signed up soon!!  After we reach the cap, we will start a wait-list.  It's actually a pretty fair shot if you're on the wait list, because there typically are a few teams who back out as the event approaches.

      As always, you may all feel free to contact me with any questions you have.



      John David
      San Francisco Producer
      The 48 Hour Film Project

      On 5/18/06, Joel <director.hinojosa@...
      > wrote:
      I just wanted to say hello to all you 48HFP participants and wish
      you the best prep time ever.  We are working on crew selection and
      plan on having a great time; so, how many teams have signed up so

      Oh and while I'm at it - I wanted to tell everyone about a mini-film
      fest and screening (a local filmmaking group I work with) being held
      this Sunday in San Francisco...and if you have any shorts under 15
      min that you would like screened give me a call or shoot me an email
      and we might be able to add it to the mix.

      Where: Club Hide
      What: Gorilla Film Troupe Conspiracy SF Screening & Mini-Fest
      Where: 280 Seventh Street
      When: Doors open at 3pm (Screenings start at 4pm) - Sun May 21st
      $3 Admission
      $8 Beer Bust Special (Gets you unlimited micro-brews all nite)

      email: gftcinfo@... 

      Sorry for the shameless plug, but I thought that a few of you might
      be interested in showing off some of your previous 48HFP work, and it
      is always great to meet other local filmmmakers.

      Best regards,

      Joel "Sinohui" Hinojosa
      Emerging Artist Productions


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