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  • Ben Guaraldi
    Jun 8, 2005
      Hey all--

      I'm Ben Guaraldi, one of the San Francisco Producers for the 48 Hour
      Film Project. If you're just joining this list, here are a few
      questions to get you started:

      - If you are a team captain, or are on a team, what role(s) is your
      team looking for? What equipment do you need?

      - If you are looking for a team, what do you want to do?

      - What are good ways to rent/borrow equipment in the SF Bay? To get
      editing time? To find cast and crew (outside of this list, of course)?

      - What advice do you have for other 48 Hour Filmmakers in the SF Bay,
      whether you've done the contest before or not?


      Ben Guaraldi
      San Francisco Producer
      48 Hour Film Project