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  • silverdrumvideo
    Hello. I have found myself a team to work with. Thanks. Adam ... needs ... of ... do, ... have ... if ... If ... hike, ... starts, ... of ... Resort), ... junk
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      I have found myself a team to work with.


      --- In 48hourfilm-newyork@yahoogroups.com, "silverdrumvideo" <silverdrumvideo@...>
      > Hello.
      > My name is Adam Barker and I'm interested in coming down to NYC to join an existing
      > team. I own a high definition camera and I'm wondering if anybody here happens to
      > a cameraman. There are, however, some important things that you really must know
      > BEFORE you contact me:
      > 1. I've come to notice that a lot of people on here seem to have a fairly decent amount
      > experience under their belt. Some of you are established filmmakers, some of you are
      > actors and actresses, some of you may have won an award here and there for what you
      > and also I'm guessing that most of you have college backgrounds. I do have experience
      > with making short films, corporate videos and wedding videos ... however, currently I
      > absolutely no formal, professional training whatsoever (i.e., no college background, no
      > Oscars, NOTHING). So, if it is something that you're looking for and it's an absolute
      > requirement, I ask that you please seek elsewhere. I have never even been to college, so
      > that is going to be a problem for you, then let's not waste each other's time. Sound fair?
      > it's NOT a problem, then please continue to read this ridiculous message that I'm writing
      > to you...
      > 2. I live in the state of Vermont. Vermont is about 4.5 hours from NYC. It's a bit of a
      > don't you agree? Anyway...if you decide to ignore my above-mentioned lack of college
      > training (see #1) and would also like to meet up with me before the contest in NYC
      > then you must be willing and able to do at least one of the following: a) either be in or
      > come to the southern Vermont area where I am currently located, b) meet up with me
      > somewhere in Albany where we can discuss and plan the project, and/or c) wait until the
      > day before, meet with me before the contest starts and then go from there.
      > Now, all that being said...the following is my previous experience:
      > My first-ever experience began during the winter season of 2002. I made over 30 hours
      > footage into a 7 minute long recruiting video for my employer (Stratton Mountain
      > using a Sony DCR-TRV17 and Windows Movie Maker software, on a horrible piece of
      > Dell computer with Windows installed. It took a few months for me to complete it, and it
      > was used that following summer in five different countries (Argentina, Brazil, Peru, New
      > Zealand and Australia). It was a success. I then went on to the world of wedding
      > videography, using the same equipment for 5 different clients. After that, I went on a
      > hiatus, during which I helped out a friend of mine with some of his college film projects.
      > was a soundman and camera operator for two of his projects (one of which helped him
      > graduate from Castleton State College). Just recently I invested in new equipment so that
      > could get myself back into doing videography. I now own an Apple iMac G5 with Final
      > Express HD installed (I am currently learning how to use Final Cut Express HD). I also
      > bought myself a Sony HDR-HC1 High Definition video camera; with the matching tripod,
      > light and wireless bluetooth microphone.
      > If you're interested in having me join your team, then I would love to hear from you.
      > tell me exactly what you specifically need from me and I'll be there; just as long as you
      > fully understand and appreciate my background (and my location).
      > Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Have a pleasant day.
      > Adam Barker
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