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  • krrose39
    Coming Your Way In June!! http://www.TheATTAINActingWorkshop.com Charleston, WV- June 12, 2009 Greensboro, NC- June 13, 2009 Columbia, SC-
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2009
      Coming Your Way In June!! http://www.TheATTAINActingWorkshop.com

      Charleston, WV- June 12, 2009 Greensboro, NC- June 13, 2009

      Columbia, SC- June14, 2009 Myrtle Beach, SC- June 17, 2009

      Myrtle Beach, SC- June 18, 2009 Charleston, SC- June 19, 2009

      Atlanta, GA- June 20, 2009 Chattanooga, TN- June 21, 2009

      Nashville, TN- June 22, 2009 Bowling Green, KY- June 25, 2009

      Louisville, KY- June 26, 2009 Lexington, KY- June 27, 2009

      If you're an actor, don't miss you chance to be part of one of the most amazing workshops ever! THE NATIONAL ATTAIN ACTING WORKSHOP is coming to your
      state. Students and industry professionals are raving about the workshop that is
      taking the world by storm!

      "The ATTAIN class was seriously an incredible thing to sit through and watch.
      Can't wait for the next one. Thanks for having me!" March 29, 2009
      Shane Howard

      "Karl - the workshop was AMAZING! I honestly didn't know I had an acting bone in me; but your workshop helped me to reach depths that I didn't know even existed. Not only is it worth every penny; the growth experience is priceless! " March 29, 2009
      Kathee Tomlinson

      "Karl has a grasp on what makes actors tick. He know how to push the envelope within reason, and he understands that the only way for actors to develop is to go outside their boundaries, without violating their own integrity." February 21, 2009
      William Lee , Owner , CINEMA LEXZIKON

      This workshop teaches you how to become a true human resource. It goes where the objective of every actor should be. It teaches you how to tap into the HUMAN CONDITION. A miracle tool every actor should possess.

      It doesn't stop there! ATTAIN and Acting Coach, Karl Rose, help you to unlock an inner chest of tools you never knew. Tools that take you to a level you never knew existed. Tools that teach you how to be REAL IN AN UNREAL SITUATION.

      "As a director I've sat through numerous acting classes myself to better understand the craft and I have to say that I've seen more from his classes than I have from any other. Karl's acting exercises, techniques, and personable nature of class are challenging to the beginner as well as the seasoned vet. Every actor can learn something from Karl Rose because Karl simply is the real deal." December 22, 2008
      -Cherokee Hall, Film Director

      "Karl Rose's ATTAIN acting workshops have been an invaluable part of my acting education. It was Karl's class, presented in Columbus, Ohio in 2007 that first got me out of my shell and sparked my desire to be a working actor! That first workshop I wasn't sure what to expect and felt a bit intimidated with the large class. That feeling quickly went away with exercises that were engaging and fun! I have been to several of Karl's classes since then it is always a great experience. Karl is a master at pushing your limits and getting you out of your head. He is never condescending, always encouraging and empowering his students. I continue to use ATTAIN and recommend Karl without hesitation. Feel free to write me with any questions!" December 16, 2008
      -John Newkirk

      This workshop is for anyone 17 and up, beginning or veteran actor. All exercises are based on each students skill level. Mr. Rose is gifted in knowing where and when and with whom he should STEP UP the exercise with. Only a maximum of 18 students is permitted for each adrenaline pumping six hour workshop.

      "During my first workshop with Karl, I watched him transform a young, shy and inexperienced aspiring actress into a performer who could communicate strong feeling without hesitation through her character. It was a testament to his talent as a coach and his ability to inspire the trust of his students - allowing them to perform at their best in a safe environment. I plan to attend every workshop of Karl's that my schedule allows!" December 8, 2008
      -Jennifer Bushnell

      "Karl is an excellent acting coach, with great insight as how to tune an actor. He is great in group discussions. Also, great at pulling unforseen emotions from actors to bring a true performance to any piece." December 5, 2008
      -Timmy Tzeiranakis

      "Karl offers reasonably priced acting workshops. Not only did I enjoy the workshops and learn a lot, I also gained connections for future acting jobs. Karl keeps his students regularly informed of possible film jobs. I have received film offers as a result of those contacts." December 4, 2008
      -Sheila Baker

      It can be very confusing for actors to get out of their head. Learning to ACT and REACT with fellow actors not thinking about, not internalizing, not knowing what comes next IS the reality in the unreal. Not listening for your next cue, but listening to what is really going on- feeling what is happening. Feeling what you are saying and feeling precisely when to add it.

      If the actor isn't feeling what he is saying- if he isn't being real in the moment. He can't tap into the HUMAN CONDITION.

      "Heyman Talent Agency has been in business for over 19 years. During this time, I have never seen a workshop that offers the creativity and intensity as the ATTAIN Workshop does. If you are thinking about pushing your skills to a higher level or just deciding to enter the industry, one thing is certain. When you leave this workshop you will have become an actor." - Lynne Heyman

      "Our talent are thrilled and rejuvenated after attending the ATTAIN Workshop. We have never seen such creative steps in taking our talent from their head to the heart as this class does. The fun yet intense atmosphere is exactly what is needed for new or experienced talent to feel safe and "step it up" as necessary. This is the workshop that creates actors!" - Richard Hayes

      "For non-ego development of real actors: It's the best around." - W. Lee, Film Director

      "If you are serious about your craft, your career, and where you want it to go. Please join us when we come to your area." -Karl Rose

      Visit us at http://www.TheATTAINActingWorkshop.com and click on "The 2009 Southern Tour."

      Student Testimonials

      "Love the class and the attitude that comes with it!" - A. Griffith

      "I think the whole experience was awesome. It was a very good class environment with a ton of great exercises. I would definitely recommend this class." - Jordan Letsinger (A HELL SHARED)

      "Attending the ATTAIN class was liberating. I felt comfortable among my classmates, and was able to be myself, even in a strange place. I learned more in one class than I have in a few classes in the past. The moderators were very personable and helpful. I highly recommend this class to all interested persons." -- A. Morris

      "The class was incredible! Six hours was gone in no time! By far, the best acting class I ever spent money on!" - D. Midkif (TIME OF THE YEAR, SPIDERMAN, SHADOW IN THE TREES)

      "How's it go'n Karl? First off I would like to say thanks for the opportunity to attend your class and I appreciate the time you gave to share your professionalism. I have attended many classes and yours was one of the top ranking. The techniques you use'd really brought out the emotions of real life situations and as in majority of the class's I have attended I left your class with a higher respect for the skills I possess inside. You really know your craft. If there were any doubts about Karl Rose they were quickly and completely remove'd. I thank you again and look forward to the next one....and yes, I'm still shaking, lol. Much respect."
      -Sylvester Darnell (CODE BLACK, DEMONS RISING)

      "The Moderator's work very hard to create a safe space. As an actor I find it very easy to work and feel secure in the environment provided" - Selah Specht (PHOTOGRAPHS)

      "The class really helped get me out of my head and act from my heart. It was great to be in a safe place to let down my guard." -- N. Busken

      "The ATTAIN class was an experience I will never forget. Karl's exercises not only challenge you, but teach you what it means to act from the heart and not from your head." - E. Toxey (DEMONS RISING)

      "Liberating. Crossing bounaries never before crossed. Amazingly incredible!" - M. Sheldon

      "Felt as if I ran a 10K race without leaving the room." -- J. Robertson

      "Wow - I got so far out of my box... I'll never find my way back again." - D. Perkins
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