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1Welcome from the Greensboro 48HFP Producers

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  • Mindy & Suzan
    Jun 27, 2007
      We would like to welcome everyone to the Greensboro 48 Hour Film
      Project Yahoo Group site. We are very proud to have the opportunity to
      produce the Greensboro 48 Hour Film Project this year and hope that we
      are able to make this the best year ever. We invite you to use this
      group site as the 48 hour film project hub. We know that there are
      still a lot of teams forming or team leaders looking for crew and
      actors, so please feel free to post your information here. We will be
      updating this site daily and hope that you will be able to take part in
      some of our upcoming events that are posted. But we would like to also
      remind you that neither this site nor any other site is a substitute
      for the official 48 Hour Film Project website.


      Mindy Scott & Suzan Magee