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Re: Best of the Boston 48 Hour Film Project

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  • Ben Guaraldi
    Hi all-- The line up for the Best of Boston 48HFP is as follows: - Driven , by Tapioca Productions (Action/Adventure) - Family Spies , by L Train Productions
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 28, 2005
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      Hi all--

      The line up for the Best of Boston 48HFP is as follows:

      - "Driven", by Tapioca Productions (Action/Adventure)
      - "Family Spies", by L Train Productions (Spy)
      - "Kombat Kitchen", by Echoplanar (Mockumentary)
      - "Las Perlas Argentes", by Team Torpor (Foreign Film)
      - "Life After Leukemia", by Team Oliver (Mockumentary)
      - "Melvin's Kitchen", by the International Celebrity Club (Mystery)
      - "Paisanics", by Men with Big Shiny Spears (Foreign Film)
      - "Playing Parts", by Best Day Ever Productions (Romance)
      - "Pitch Imperfect", by Battleground State (Musical)
      - "Seven Minutes", by Booty Vortex (Horror)
      - "Temporary Spy", by Unlicensed Poultry Productions (Spy)
      - "Unstrung", by JetProv (Mystery)
      - "Withering Heights", by Top Feeg (Foreign Film)

      And to remind you of the details:

      TIME: Wednesday, May 11th, 7pm
      PLACE: Good Time Emporium, 30 Assembly Square Dr, Somerville
      COST: Free
      MAP: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=30+Assembly+Square+Dr,+Somerville,+MA

      The show will go until about 9pm, and then there will be mingling
      afterwards. At the end of the show, the judges' awards will be announced.


      Ben Guaraldi
      Boston Producer
      48 Hour Film Project
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