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Man with all the right equipment seeks team to play with

I'm an amateur videographer with a Sony DVR2000 and a MacBook. I've got the equipment, but need the actors to pull this thing off. Anyone interested?
Aug 17, 2006

Really want to make a 48-hour Black Rock film this year!

I was in not one but two Boston 48hfp films earlier this year, and now I'd love to be an actor and maybe a writer for a Black Rock production! Can anyone use
Ray Misra
Aug 16, 2006

Re: 48 Hour Film Fest 2006-- Black Rock City

Hi Joe-- Ben Guaraldi, Black Rock City Producer, is on the list. What are you looking for? A team? Folks to be on your team? Or something else? Ben
Ben Guaraldi
Aug 16, 2006

48 Hour Film Fest 2006-- Black Rock City

Is anybody active on this list? Joe P.
Aug 16, 2006

Re: [48hfp] where can I view comlpeted films?

Mat I can get you a copy of one of them. What's your address/email? David
David Wald
Sep 26, 2005

Re: [48hfp] where can I view comlpeted films?

Hi Mat-- Right now there is no place to view the completed films online. We will need to clear that through the 48HFP organization, the Burningman
Ben Guaraldi
Sep 24, 2005
Sep 11, 2005

where can I view comlpeted films?

Is there a place where I can view the completed films online? =] ./mat./
Sep 11, 2005

Re: [48hfp] Looking forward to it!

Great, Im flying out in a couple hours too! I am the indian guy with long hair, cant miss me, my outfits stand out ;) Great to know theres some worthy cams out
Aug 28, 2005

Re: [48hfp] Looking forward to it!

awesome man! ..i know it's kinda late & u might not get this , I'm about to leave for my plane ride to Reno in 10 mins but I hope to see u there! look for 1 of
Gerry D. Velazquez
Aug 28, 2005


Where and when are we supposed to meet?
Aug 25, 2005

Re: [48hfp] Looking forward to it!

I probably won't arrive until Wednesday or even Thursday, but I'd love to hook up with a team as a writer and/or actor. I have quite a bit of fringe/amateur
Ray Misra
Aug 22, 2005

Actor Seeks Team

I'm a trained NY actor coming out for my 7th burn. I'm camping with Kostume Kult at 8:08 and Esplanade so I'll have access to plenty of Costumes and meterials.
drew meeks
Aug 22, 2005

Re: [48hfp] Animated Actor/Film Assistant here..

Sounding very good. I like the idea of Matrix to explore this year¹s theme of Psyche. Seems like there¹s a lot to work on in terms of consciousness. Of
Aug 21, 2005

Re: [48hfp] Animated Actor/Film Assistant here..

Bollywood Dance/Musical Film with a Matrix Twist at BM Hmmmm now that is a very interesting mix! Well I'm already skilled for both Dance/Martial Arts, and
Aug 21, 2005
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