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Re: [47] Meta pondering

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  • gene ladner
    Apparently, you ve missed some previous postings by ryantaz . He (or she) has mentioned this several times since joining the 47 society and has been noted by
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 2, 2002
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          Apparently, you've missed some previous postings by "ryantaz". He (or she) has mentioned this several times since joining the 47 society and has been noted by other members. Oddly, "ryantaz" first made this comment months ago and therefore the status of 23.5 years would have changed by now, wouldn't it? I wrote to him about possibly being able to help with some answers that he had asked about already, but he seemed uninterested about genuinely finding out ANYTHING. It is possible that he really does have some 47 powers but I must say that I'm getting a little tired of the apparent whining about being so gifted, but still needing answers when he doesn't seem to really want any. By the way, he's mentioned the 23.5 thing in just about every posting he's ever sent and that's getting old too. If he (or she) is really serious about learning what the 47 thing has in store for him (or her), I suggest that "ryantaz" become more available for serious discussion about the subject and quit just going on about having IT in him (or her). We all have this special quality or we wouldn't belong to this society. I think it's safe to assume that the majority of members (if not all) have had this going on for some time, just as he and I have. Also, the comment that he made about his mind power being "highly above others in his generation" sounds more than a little presumptuous to me and the "others in his generation" might take exception to remarks of that nature. I would not like for people who do not have this connection with 47 to think that we consider ourselves above them.

               Ryantaz, if you are sincere about learning more about 47 and what it could possibly mean, I suggest you concentrate more on listening to us and less on self-aggrandizement. I apologize beforehand for coming on so strong to you, Ryantaz, because I think you are genuinely gifted in this area and your remarks are simply due to the impetuousness of youth. Perhaps you can one day teach me a thing or two about my connection to 47 and I look forward to that day.   With future respect, Gene247

        dr_x_3 <dr_x_3@...> wrote:

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      "ryantaz01940" <maprotas@...>'s
      "This "47" thing is too much of a spiritual power for my 23.5 years here."

      dude, your 23.5 years is half of 47.  that's weird.

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