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    Useful information included in this message: * What is the 47 Society Mailing List? - Description - Frequency of Mailings - 47 on the web * A Brief History. -
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2000
      Useful information included in this message:

      * What is the 47 Society Mailing List?
      - Description
      - Frequency of Mailings
      - 47 on the web

      * A Brief History.
      - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions and their answers)
      - A note about Star Trek 47s.


      The 47 Society Mailing List was first established in 1994 as a forum
      for sharing the enigmatic sightings and occurences of the number 47.
      A place to share ideas about these occurences in an effort to both
      amuse ourselves and simultaneously plumb the philosophical depths (if
      any) of this phenomenon.

      Frequency of Mailings:

      The 47 List is posted randomly (of course) as stories, sightings, and
      ruminations are submitted.

      47 on the web:

      The 47 Society Home Page:

      Pomona College's 47 Page:

      Star Trek 47s (One Nitpicker's Guide):


      1. What's The Deal With 47?
      In short, 47 appears to be the quintessential random number of the
      universe. In other words, when a number appears randomly, more often
      than not, that number is 47. In other other words, if you asked
      people to pick a number at random, more often than not, that number
      would be 47. Of course, if 47 shows up more than any other number
      than it isn't truly random, but using the word random makes the whole
      phenomenon easier to describe. In long, just subscribe to this list
      and see what we mean.

      2. Aren't You Just Seeing 47 More Because You're Looking For It?
      Still not convinced? Try this simple experiment. Pick another number.
      For the next three to six months keep your eyes open for both. 47
      will show up more. If you find out otherwise, please let us know! In
      conducting this experiment over the years we have found that other
      numbers (besides 47) do have lives of their own. In other words, some
      numbers do show up more often than other numbers. Some of these
      numbers are 23, 18, 11, 33, 27, and 39. There are others too. 47 just
      shows up more.

      3. What is a 47?
      This may seem like a stupid question, but it has validity. There are
      several systems of looking at and identifying 47s. Here are two of

      The FORMS System (created through common useage):
      This system recognizes different forms of 47. There is some leeway,
      but longtime 47 watchers agree that the truth is not always visible
      at first glance.

      The Direct 47: 47

      The Inverted 47: 74

      The Implied or Indirect 47: A series or statement that suggests 47
      withoutstating it directly. For example: the series 44, 45, 46; or
      53%; or if someone says "almost 50". There are other possibilities
      here. You get the picture.

      The Mathematically Implied 47: A factor, dividend, product, square,
      root,or simple mathematical process that results in 47. For example:
      23.5 is half of 47 (incidentally the square root of 23 is 4.7). 94 is
      47 x 2. Etc.

      The GRADE System (submitted by Mark Beach):

      Grade A: The two digits 4 and 7, directly next to each other. They can
      be embedded in a longer string of digits. Example: 12478.

      Grade B: The two digits 4 and 7, appearing in any order. Example:

      Grade C: When you can use simple math to arrive at a 47. Example:
      2209 is 47*47, 11 = 4 + 7, 429 is 4 and 9-2=7, etc.

      Grade D: When you need to use more esoteric or advanced math to arrive
      at a 47. Example 69.22 is a 47 since 69 - 22 = 47

      In addition to those who use these systems to identify 47s, there are
      others who follow a simpler approach. For these constructionists, 47
      is 47, and that is all.

      4. What's The Pomona College Connection?
      In the 1960's, Pomona College's Professor Donald Bentley completed a
      mathematical proof that stated that all numbers were equal,
      therefore all numbers were equal to 47. Since then, students at
      Pomona have been quietly indoctrinated in the ways of 47. Some
      believe, some doubt. But it is listed in the student handbook right
      after "Glee Club". At this date, we have been unable to obtain a copy
      of Professor Bentley's proof.

      5. Why Are There So Many 47s On Star Trek?
      A Pomona College alum writes for Star Trek and indoctrinated the
      other writers several years ago (while writing for The Next
      Generation). Since then, nearly every Star Trek episode has included
      some mention of 47.

      Please submit Star Trek 47s to the 47 Society List but, since nearly
      every episode of The Next Generation or Voyager mentions 47, we will
      post only the most cosmically significant examples. Kirk, Picard, and
      Janeway would have wanted it this way. A complete list of Star Trek
      47s is available on the World Wide Web at: http://
      www-leland.stanford.edu/~schlock/the47s.html. Additionally, there is
      a list for Star Trek 47s at: www.onelist.com/group/47

      Eric Levine
      47 Society List Curator
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