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Interesting, perhaps mysterious, connection to 47

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  • gene ladner
    This posting is going to include mentions of Pi and pages in my dictionary, so if you re not interested in those, read no further. I just received an email
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2005
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        This posting is going to include mentions of Pi and pages in my dictionary, so if you're not interested in those, read no further.
          I just received an email from Doug (one of our regular posters and Pi aficionados) saying that he had noticed I had not posted very much lately. He also mentioned that he had been seeing COMBOS (this word will figure in later) of 1,9,4,7 lately, especially in the time/date stamp of my last posting from just yesterday. I have been discovering quite a large number of very interesting coincidences lately, but they don't always seem to have an obvious connection to 47, other than the fact that had it not been for its appearance in my life I never would have noticed the others.
          Consequently, I sometimes discover a really cool "cosmic coincidence", but I can't post it on this site because I can't find an obvious connection to 47. However, I totally agree with our moderator's decision to keep our postings confined to that subject matter, else this site would deteriorate into nothing but mindless gobbledygook in the space of a couple of DAYS, if not HOURS.
          I discovered something SO COOL last week that I have really been wanting to post it, but I couldn't immediately think of a way to tie it in to the number 47. It finally came to me this morning and it's actually a pretty interesting connection, I think. I was reading a book by Martin Gardner last week called "Did Adam and Eve Have Navels?", in which he covers several questionable beliefs and attempts to debunk or discredit them. Mind you, I am actually a big fan of Gardner, who has been writing material like this for DECADES, because I happen to believe that the vast MAJORITY of pseudoscientific beliefs are absolute NONSENSE with no merit whatsoever. I do disagree with him on occasion due to something I feel I have experienced myself. It's unfortunate that there are so many frauds out there clouding the issue of various interesting pseudosciences, such as telepathy, for instance. I WANT to believe in some of these things, but I, like Gardner, understand the need for PROOF, or at least repeatable EVIDENCE.
          Ironically, there is a chapter of this book that starts on page 247, my trademark, all about the number 19 and its alleged relationship to the Koran and the belief that God somehow worked this "special number" into that book as proof of divine authorship. Gardner attempts to show how misguided this belief is, but even he acknowledges that there are some rather interesting coincidences concerning that number in MANY ways, not just the Koran. One of the things he mentions is that the number 361 is considered especially sacred by Muslims because it is 19 X 19. I thought it might be worthwhile to look for coincidence in MY favorite number, Pi. I found that the 19th time that 19 shows up in Pi (the digits after the decimal) it is in placement 1227. I looked on page 1227 of my dictionary and the word NUMBER is the second guide word!! I then realized that when turned into a date, 12/27 is the 361st day of the year, 19 X 19!!! That is, of course, except in a leap year when it becomes the 362nd. I kept counting appearances of 19 in Pi and found that the 28th appearance (4 X 7, but this is NOT the 47 connection that I mentioned before) is in placement 1881. I found this palindrome intriguing, especially since 28 is the second PERFECT NUMBER (the sum of its divisors which are 1,2,4,7,14 and the sum of a consective series starting with 1 which is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7). I turned to page 1881 in my dictionary and the page is covered with listings starting with TEN and the 19th listing is TENTH. I found this fairly amusing since I already had discovered that the TENTH time that 19 shows up in Pi it is in placement 704. This is the number I say indicates God on a clock, because 7:64, the value of GOD, can't be seen on a clock, but 7:04 can and it already has an O as the center character.
           Here's the tie-in to 47 and I hope it works for everyone. As I mentioned, 28 is the SECOND perfect number and the 28th time 19 appears in Pi it is in placement 1881. However, the FIRST PERFECT NUMBER is 6, whose divisors are also the consective series starting with 1: 1,2,3. The SIXTH time that 19 appears in Pi it is in placement 417, my birthday. This is ALSO the birthday of the fictional character SYDNEY on ALIAS and the actual birthday of Jennifer Garner, the actress who plays her. The spring of 2004 cliff-hanger season ending of ALIAS had Sydney discovering a document in locker 1062 (the first guide word on page 1062 of my dictionary is LOCKER ROOM) and the document is titled PROJECT 47 on the cover sheet. Sydney discovers on the second page that SHE is PROJECT 47 and that's where it gives her birthday: April 17, 1976. Jennfer Garner's real birthday is in '72, but otherwise the same birthday.
          Here is the side note to Doug. Since 19 X 19 is 361, I looked up that page in my dictionary and the first guide word is COMBO. Great timing, Doug!

      P.S  The 4th time that 19 shows up in Pi it is in placement 246. This actually means that the 9 is in placement 247, my trademark and the page where 19 first makes its appearance in the book by Gardner!

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