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the number 47 produces the first five digits of pie! 7 minus 4 = 3, but 47 is the 14th prime exlusive or the 15th prime inclusive. Bonding these five numbers
musa isa muhammad
Jun 17

A 47 spottage

Brooklyn has 47 separate named and defined neighborhoods. Very respectfully, David H. Lippman "Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never
David H Lippman
Jun 12

Re: 47 on Wikipedia

Here's what happened in the world of 47 in Texas today. In the morning game of the Pick 3 Lottery game, 118 played. How is this associated with 47? Just last
gene ladner
Jun 9

What's the odds it gets stuck on 47

We took that picture in the office with Roc Nations Lenny S. Our first meeting with a major label exec. The second picture is from the Warriors Cavs game. At
Four Seven
Jun 9
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Re: 47 on Wikipedia

The number came to us but I'll let you judge. Grew up in the Bronx River park towers, people have lived there for years none of them have ever thought of using
Jun 9

Re: EQ

Well, didn't know, if it was even a good idea to ask.. But with this I just got a 47 sync, like a confirmation.. "The quake, which struck at 11:47 a.m. today,
Daniel Klein
May 24

Re: EQ

Hi 47 soeciety, I remember someone of us working for USGS and I want to ask something. I've red several things and got synchronicites for a larger quake on the
Daniel Klein
May 24

47 Major Retailers Announce...

Wow. 47 Major Retailers Announce Closing of 6,000 Stores Across the Country... Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone
Martin C Mostyn
May 8

Jeopardy Streaks

In an article Why Ken Jennings's 'Jeopardy!' Streak Is Nearly Impossible To Break http://53eig.ht/1H20nyO http://53eig.ht/1H20nyO Why Ken Jennings's
May 7

Average American Income?

"We identified a few jobs you can land without a college degree that’ll pay you more than the average American income of around $47,000.
Apr 24

Re: 47

Very good Davey :) Happy birthday for tomorrow :)) My birthday is Feb 16th... think about it... what number day of the year is that??? - something I only
Kevin Cooper
Apr 6

Re: 47

Interesting post davey... and to top it all, I already saw your posting time stamp before I red your post, which stood out for me. I guess I mentioned it here
Daniel Klein
Mar 20


dear students/my name is davey/gardner 1 was born 25/03/1947.you will notice my initials /dg=47 born 1947?---while browsing i came across your site and the
Mar 19

On the off-chance you folks haven't seen this....

47 Interesting things about the number 47 - The telephone dialing country code for Norway is 0047 - The French department Lot-et-Garonne is assigned the number
Robert Schnebelen
Mar 19

Re: I'm Sick of keep seeing #47

" the cat songs were played back to 47 domestic cats," Scientists have created the perfect music for cats
Mar 2
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