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Yahoo Group Invitation September 2011 _http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/ItisNotyourFault/_ (http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/ItisNotyourFault/) Please visit This New Group to improve your
Aug 31, 2011
Terry Maccarrone TV Interview March 2011 Ernie Schimizzi WVVH-TV Hamptons Television ® 631-537-0273 - office www.wvvh.com About WVVH-TV: WVVH-TV, Hamptons TV® broadcasting on UHF Channel 50,
Mar 8, 2011
Hamptons TV Channel 78 Terry Maccarrone Karate USA Interview Great meeting you. Your appearance on American Dream Show with Ingrid Lemme will be broadcast on 2011 March 11th at 7PM March 12th at 1:30PM March 15th at
Mar 6, 2011
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karateusa1 has shared something with you on slide! karateusa1 has invited you to the group "The Begining Pioneer Days of Shorinryu Karate USA"! Take a look -
    Feb 3, 2011
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    New York Traditional Karate League NYTKL.org Karate USA Dojos are current members of the NYTKL Sport Karate for USA Karate Olympic Programs Members may attend the Sensei Jerry Figgiani dojo Jan 23rd
    Dec 7, 2010
    2011 Happy New Year Class schedule Westhampton Beach Dance Center Saturdays 3:30 PM to 4 PM call 631-288-2516 for reservation Old Students welcome New Uniforms are available...if you have
    Dec 7, 2010
    Check out James K Wax First Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu Shodan in Americ _Click here: James K Wax First Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu Shodan in America 1959 - ChampionsWay! Martial Arts Business Community_
    Oct 21, 2010
    http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karate-USA-Terry-Maccarrone-2010/13921 _http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karate-USA-Terry-Maccarrone-2010/139212746102 060?created_
    Oct 8, 2010
    Wed July 7th 2010 Happy Birthday Harry Maccarrone
    Jul 7, 2010
    Emailing: photo41 Ansei Ueshiro and Zenko Heshiki at 72nd Street Dojo (ferrara at table)
    Terry Maccarrone
    Jun 6, 2010
    Fwd: You have been invited to join Yarnall Dojo If You want to join and post to Yarnall dojo guest book go here _http://www.yarnalldojostl.com/_ (http://www.yarnalldojostl.com/) ! Happy Holiday Terry Hello
      Dec 24, 2009
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      Check out YouTube - Twenty Ten by Lloyd Marcus _Click here: YouTube - Twenty Ten by Lloyd Marcus_ (http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=UZkvkLmkYVg) America Need Your Vote Tell Everyone
      Dec 3, 2009
      Red Skelton at his best.... oldie but goodie Please take our freedom seriously, even funny people know the truth ... From: Bubbby7295@... Date: 9/19/2009 3:12:38 PM To: ajb_02780@...;
      Sep 20, 2009
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      Fwd: Fw: Fw: SOCIAL SECURITY 2009 . Look at the future of our economy Look at the future of our economy ... From: ron scalone Date: 8/20/2009 12:07:21 PM To: Ronnie; Rick Stef; MACKTOW@...;
        Aug 20, 2009
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        CaptJohn New webpage _Click here: Home_ (http://captjohnbrando.homestead.com/index.html) Here is my new connected parrot page have fun ps I am on vacation in the hamptons, but it
        Jul 13, 2009
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        Happy July 4th Weekend Karate USA Westhampton Beach Our next karate clas will be on Saturday July 11th 3:30 pm at the Dance Centre of the Hamptons . Please be sure to attend class if you want summer lessons If
        Terry Maccarrone
        Jun 30, 2009
        Re: Sunday Tournament St Josephs College Congratulations Adam and Sydney for medals and trophy won at the competition. Special recognition to them for Green Belt Promotions as well
        Terry Maccarrone
        Jun 22, 2009
        Tournament Schedule - 05/03/09 Juniors intested in sport karate may participate June Event ===================== Posted through Grouply, the better way to access your Yahoo Groups like this
        Terry Maccarrone
        Jun 22, 2009
        Sunday Tournament St Josephs College We will attend the competition arrive 9am I will stay til noon as judge/official Please greet before leaving Kancho Maccarrone
        Terry Maccarrone
        Apr 30, 2009
        Westhampton Beach Support By Parents of Students This is important. The parents of my students in Westhampton Beach need to continue financial support of the dojo in Westhampton Beach...I cannot do it
        Terry Maccarrone
        Apr 11, 2009
        Karate USA Dojo Patchogue New York The End of an Era 1966-2009 Patchogue dojo has taught Matsubayashi Shorinryu karate and kobudo is now closed. Sensei Terry Maccarrone student of Master Ansei
        Terry Maccarrone
        Feb 22, 2009
        New site up and running on facebook.com There is a new group on facebook.com '47 Ronin Awards - Karate USA'. The site is open for everyone to join, add photos and videos or post messages for the
        Feb 22, 2009
        Final Kobudo Class October 2008 There will not be another kobudo class in November or December 2008. Holiday season is here....see you in Regular karate class til Jan 2009
        Terry Maccarrone
        Nov 2, 2008
        Wednesday July 30th 6pm-8pm Kobudo Class All KarateUSA kobudo class members please attend this class. There will not be a August session. A new Kobudo Year will start September 2008...Keiko gi
        Terry Maccarrone
        Jul 28, 2008
        Re: Kobudo Training Wednesday July 30th 2008 Terry, Is this Kobudo for David's group? We will be there if it is. Thanks. Carrie ... class
        Jul 23, 2008
        Kobudo Training Wednesday July 30th 2008 All Members of Karate USA Kobudo must attend the July Class. Please wear kobudo uniforms and hakama Last Wednesday of month in August is cancelled Anyone not
        Terry Maccarrone
        Jul 22, 2008
        Michael Altman Shodan Test ...........July 22, 2008 Karate USA dojo. Michael Altman has been a student at Karate USA for 14 years and has come up through the program in Matsubayashi-ryu Karate and Kobudo. Kancho Terry Maccarrone
        Terry Maccarrone
        Jul 4, 2008
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        Summer Kobudo Class Schedule 2008 July and August Schedule By Reservation Fee $25/ class Brown Belt Minimum Rank Junior Black Belt attendance required If Annual fee wavied/ pay per class
        Terry Maccarrone
        Jul 4, 2008
        Summer 2008 Karate Programs We begin Summer and will have scheduled class at Patchogue and Westhampton Beach plus special sport karate classes for sparring. Our Last Wednesday Kobudo
        Terry Maccarrone
        Jun 8, 2008
        Kobudo Class Open Training The Last wednesday of the month May 28th is open class for all brown belts and above, begining with nunchakun and Bo. 6pm-8pm at Karate USA dojo Patchogue...
        Terry Maccarrone
        May 23, 2008
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