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FW: [40Whacks] Revisionist Theories

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  • Jeffrey Tesch
    My dear Patsy - how kind of you to mention Bruno Richard Hauptmann. I m back into the gray area with him. He s dirtier than the revisionist s would have it -
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      My dear Patsy – how kind of you to mention Bruno Richard Hauptmann…


      I’m back into the gray area with him.  He’s dirtier than the revisionist’s would have it – a shady, secretive guy who lied to his wife and never worked a day after the ransom drop.  I’ll never buy that he went up a ladder to kill a baby.  But the dude is bent…


      Let me take this opportunity to offer a disclaimer on my previous post.  When I say the “Green Man” crimes were “non-violent rapes”, consider it a given that ANY rape IS a crime of violence.  I don’t want to appear insensitive to that.


      My point is that DeSalvo would have us believe he savagely murdered 13 women – and then progressed to nocturnal home invasions with no harm to the victim except sexual violation.  Several women described being wakened by a soft spoken man in their bed who promised they would not be hurt if they cooperated.  They described him as “gentle” and “apologetic” - this is not the evolution of a serial killer.  And DeSalvo WAS convicted of the Green Man crimes…


      On the day before his murder in prison, DeSalvo told his psychiatrist he would soon call a press conference “to blow the lid off the strangler case!”   Early next morning he’s stabbed while sleeping in an allegedly secure hospital cell block.


      JT’s official status on the Boston Strangler case is UNSOLVED – PERSONS UNKNOWN.  There’s somewhere between 5-7 killers.


      In the Sheppard case – Richard Eberling is judged PROBABLY GUILTY.


      Any one else have any cold cases that haunt them?




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      .....and not let's forget  Bruno. 



      Jeffrey Tesch <jtesch@cinci. rr.com> wrote:

      Wake up Whackers!  JT is in the house…


      The Borden case has been flogged by many revisionist theories. Some are entertaining and others are pedestrian.  But as we know, Lizzie alone hacked her father and stepmother, so any new spins to these old murders just won’t hunt. 


      But what about Albert DeSalvo?  Did the “Boston Strangler” just make the whole thing up?


      The only evidence against him is his confession, riddled with the same errors from newspaper articles he studied with his photographic memory.  T eyewitnesses who saw suspicious men near murder scenes failed to identify him.  And he was convicted of the 1964 “Green Man” crimes, a series of non-violent rapes where victims described the perpetrator as polite and remorseful – not a logical progression for a man suspected of 13 brutal homicides in 1962-1963.


      All the later/younger victims of the “Boston Strangler” were probably slain by men who knew them – investigators developed a solid suspect with motive in each case.  Those same investigators scoff at the idea of DeSalvo as a serial killer – even Albert himself often hinted his confession was fabricated to cash in on the notoriety it would bring.

      The blood trail leading from his wife’s bludgeoned body was a type that did not match either Sam or Marilyn.

      2.       Marilyn’s broken teeth proved she bit her killer and drew blood – Sam had serious injuries but was not bleeding.

      3.       The condition of her clothing and presence of another man’s semen indicated this murder was a sex crime.

      4.       Marilyn was raped by her killer – direct contradiction to the prosecution theory of a spousal rage killing.

      5.       Nail polish, leather, a cigarette butt and other items were found that couldn’t Sheppard home.


      Police assumed the trail was Marilyn’s blood dripped from the murder weapon as Sam carried it through the house.  If they had bothered to check (or let the defense test it) they would have found it to be the blood of a third party.  This would have meant an automatic acquittal for Dr. Sam.


      And Richard Eberling, a suspected serial killer with the motive, means, and opportunity to kill Marilyn, was the Sheppard’s window washer.  But he was never even questioned i investigation.


      Just some random enigma’s that keep true crime writer’s up at night…







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    • PatriciaLu@aol.com
      In a message dated 2/11/2007 6:13:58 PM Eastern Standard Time, jtesch@cinci.rr.com writes: Any one else have any cold cases that haunt them? I was thinking
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        In a message dated 2/11/2007 6:13:58 PM Eastern Standard Time, jtesch@... writes:
        Any one else have any cold cases that haunt them?
        I was thinking about one that is just the opposite. For a trial as famous as OJ's, there is not one alternate killer that has gained any sort of traction after all these years. Early on, there were the "Colombian drug dealers" theory which lasted about one week but that's it. You'd think with a case of this size and popularity, there'd be at least one alternate explanation.
        Having said that, I hope that the Goldman and Brown families get somethig from the "If I Did It" money, although OJ says he has spent it.
        Pat in NYC
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