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RE: [40Whacks] Jeff's Rant

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  • Rev COAL
    ... Again you miss what the point of the original discussion was about...it doesn t matter whether Churchill took Lizzie into the house or whether Lizzie was
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 12, 2006
      Jeffrey Tesch hallucinated thusly:

      >Churchill did not take Lizzie into the house,

      Again you miss what the point of the original discussion was about...it
      doesn't matter whether Churchill took Lizzie into the house or whether
      Lizzie was still in the house; the point is that CHURCHILL WENT INTO THE

      >You said once last year that perhaps Lizzie stayed in the rooming house and
      >then rushed back home because she knew the murders were going down and
      >wanted to play "detective" (Lizzie Drew!) Silly stuff like that must be

      Show me the post where I used those words.

      What I may have conjectured is that the reason for her staying at the
      rooming house was because she suspected *something* was afoot, and perhaps
      wanted to keep an eye on what was happening back home. The object of her
      suspicions wouldn't have been murder, but rather what Andrew and Abby were
      planning financially.

      If she was innocent and suspected that murder was afoot, it makes no sense
      that she would stay at the rooming house over the weekend rather than coming
      straight home. Her sojourn at the rooming house instead suggests she wanted
      her parents to think that she was with Emma when she was in fact closer to
      home for some reason, perhaps to see what happened in her absence (would be
      interesting to know if the Bordens had any visitors that weekend).

      >However, you and Muriel continue to refer to me as "Tesch" - which I
      >consider to be rude and impersonal...

      Get over it.

      >I would never refer to you as Logan

      I wouldn't care one way or the other if you did.

      >By the by: Abby's body was more than staged - It was outright moved. Dolan
      >let George Pettee in to view the body and they raised it up and moved the
      >arms. That's in the transcript.

      But the blood stain on the carpet shows that was indeed where Abby fell --
      and unless Dolan and Pettee (gee, should I refer to them as MISTER Dolan and
      MISTER Pettee to show respect?) actually rolled Abby's body over, then it
      still seems as if the murder scene was staged before they lifted her body.

      And it still means that Abby fell forward onto her face when she fell -- and
      that can't be explained by her standing facing her attacker when the first
      blow was struck.

      Since there was no other significant blood in the room, the bloodstained
      carpet shows where she initially fell, and that she wasn't moved from that
      spot. So how could she fall on her face in the far corner facing into the
      far corner AWAY from the rest of the room and the door the killer would have
      come in if she was standing facing the killer when the first blow was

      >And June - I once spun a bizarre Borden scenario for you (Sara Whitehead
      >killed Andrew) in a private email years ago.

      Yes, that is a bizarre theory.

      What is even more bizarre is that you claim you sent me an email about it --
      that's news to me. Either you are mistaken about that email, or I was so
      UNIMPRESSED by the theory that it's undergone the FIFO-GIGO process...

      >Soon after Maynard Bertolet
      >(LBQ editor and staunch supporter of the "mystery" theory) sent me an email
      >asking about it. Perhaps you were a spy for the LBQ?

      Neither a spy or even ever a subscriber.

      I have no idea who Bertolet is, other than what you claim, ergo never had
      any communication with the gentleman.

      Perhaps it's the 100 Monkeys Syndrome....and no, it's not a bunch of monkeys
      in a room banging on typewriters eventually creating the complete works of

      More Philo Farnsworth...

      >I have a separate file of your best posts saved.

      You stated that once before, and once again I have to ask, "Why?"

      The list is archived; anything anyone has ever posted (including me) is
      saved there.

      Interesting that I have such an influence on you, Tesch -- nothing you have
      ever posted has created a desire in me to save it to a separate file....

      >But your battle to push the "open and shut" Borden case into mystery is a
      >lost cause.

      YOU are the only one intent on battle, Tesch, and you are the only one
      besides Muriel Arnold pushing a This-Is-the-Only-Way-It-Happened cause....

      The rest of us prefer DISCUSSION (remember that?) on this DISCUSSION LIST.

      That means DISCUSSING, and politely debating, different theories regarding
      the case.

      >Lizze's minions (not mine) know
      >you can never diminish her fiendish endeavor. She will always remain our
      >diabolical goddess of the black arts.

      Oh brother! :P

      A Sunday school teacher who was a staunch WCTU member a "diabolical goddess
      of the black arts"?

      Someone needs to turn a hose on you, Tesch -- you're obviously jonesing for
      your mythological version of Lizzie...

      (who is remembering why she dropped out of this list for so long)
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