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FW: [40Whacks] Maryilyn Sheppard Murder

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  • Jeffrey Tesch
    I want to thank my good friend Autumn for her comment on my Sheppard case conundrum. Since there was no other interest I ll keep this brief. Eberling is the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2005
      I want to thank my good friend Autumn for her comment on my Sheppard
      case conundrum. Since there was no other interest I'll keep this brief.

      Eberling is the prime suspect - his DNA did not exclude him from the
      blood trail left throughout the murder house. And he spun many cryptic
      comments about the case before he died in prison (convicted of killing
      an elderly woman for whom he worked as caretaker.

      Sam Sheppard was convicted because his defense team wasn't allowed to
      test that blood trail - the jury accepted the prosecution claim that it
      was Marilyn's blood dripped from the murder weapon.

      It was actually the killer's blood: it didn't match either Sam's or
      Marilyn's blood type, and evidence suggests she bit her attacker. With
      the 3rd blood type at the murder scene, Sam Sheppard is certainly

      The other suspects I named are good ones, but most signs point to
      Eberling. The Sheppard window washer was an alleged serial killer, with
      5 other people besides Marilyn dying mysterious or violent deaths where
      Eberling had opportunity and motive.


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      I read a book on it along time ago, it is a
      fascinating case. I thought that it had finally been
      solved and that it was determined that Eberling that
      did it.


      --- Jeffrey Tesch <jtesch@...> wrote:

      > Happy belated Lizzie murder day to the group!
      > And to quickly change the subject, anyone here
      > follow the Sam Sheppard
      > case? Young suburban doctor accused of beating his
      > pregnant wife to
      > death in 1954 Cleveland, Ohio. Convicted 2nd
      > degree, served ten years,
      > won new trial and was acquitted in 1966.
      > If you're a JT minion, you've heard me harp about
      > real murder mysteries.
      > And since Lizzie is guilty, the Borden case is like
      > a Columbo episode:
      > you know the killer, so it's a "how catch 'em"
      > rather than a "who
      > dunnit".
      > The murder of Marilyn Sheppard is a riddle inside an
      > enigma infested
      > with mystery. There are no fewer than 5 good
      > suspects - each with a
      > hypothetical motive:
      > 1. Sam Sheppard: unfaithful husband who might
      > have gone berserk
      > upon learning his wife was carrying someone else's
      > baby.
      > 2. Lester Hoverson: friend of Sam's visiting
      > that week who was
      > despised by Marilyn because he was urging Sam to get
      > a divorce
      > 3. Spencer and Ester Houk: suspicious acting
      > neighbors who might
      > need to cover up Spencer's alleged affair with
      > Marilyn.
      > 4. Donald Wedler: burglar whose account of
      > killing a woman
      > during a Cleveland home invasion mirrored the
      > Sheppard case details.
      > 5. Richard Eberling: Sheppard window washer
      > (and alleged serial
      > killer) who may have feared Marilyn exposing his
      > theft from customers.
      > Sam had more affairs than he could count. Hoverson
      > was depressed and
      > resentful of Marilyn. Ester Houk was jealous of her
      > younger neighbor's
      > hold on her husband. Wedler knew details that
      > weren't in the newspaper
      > accounts. And Eberling was just plain Creepy.
      > It's a fascinating conundrum of true crime. Anyone
      > curious about it?
      > JT

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