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FW: [40Whacks] Alice Russell visit

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  • Jeffrey Tesch
    Patsy wrote: Hi JT, Well, I don t mind throwing in my two cents. ***Wait - if it s a penny for your thoughts, and you re throwing your two cents in, then
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2004



      Patsy wrote:


      Hi JT,

      Well, I don't mind throwing in my two cents. 


      ***Wait – if it’s a penny for your thoughts, and you’re throwing your two cents in, then someone is making a penny here!



      I think that Alice Russell felt distressed and worried about Lizzie after her visit. 


      ***I think Alice went out after Lizzie left and paid a visit of her own - wonder who SHE called on…



      We already know that Lizzie had murder in her heart when she tried to buy the prussic acid. 


      ***Thank you, Patsy!  This urban legend that the woman Eli Bence identified as Lizzie was actually an undercover sting operative must be hoist on its own petard.  Let’s not forget that Kilroy and Hart also tabbed our girl as the potential poison procurer.  Lizzie’s defense never argued that it wasn’t her – only that it was too remote and unrelated to the murders.



      However, once she lingered and listened on those stairs, poison was no longer the way to go.  I can imagine her in her bed that night thinking that she had to dial it up.


      ***Yes, my dear Patsy, she took it to the next level (like the Red Sox).  I have crouched on those stairs and listened to hushed conversation in the Sitting Room.  I just know she was there!  Morse didn’t go up the stairs until 10 – Lizzie could have eavesdropped for an hour.  And with Abby retiring at 9:15, the men had 45 minutes to get down to brass tacks and finalize Andrew’s will.   


      I simply cannot imagine that Andrew did not have a will. 


      ***He did.  And it was not burned up in the stove.  Someone else had it – and they used it to blackmail Lizzie.






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