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FW: [40Whacks] Re: June Is Busting Out All Over

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  • Jeffrey Tesch
    Previous June/Jeff exchange. ... Ah! But the good doctor stated that he FOUND her in that position! ***My Dear June: You really must check that trial
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 3, 2004


      Previous June/Jeff exchange.


      >>BTW, Jeff -- why were Abby's
      arms neatly folded
      >>under her body?  A mighty
      odd way for someone
      >>to fall when attacked with a hachet...
      >***I think that Bowen might have moved her – or someone
      >did – before the photos were taken.
      Ah!  But the good doctor stated that he FOUND her in that position!


      ***My Dear June:

      You really must check that trial transcript!  First that business about Dr. Handy never testifying, and now this…

      Question (Knowlten):  At any time shortly after Dr. Dolan came was the body raised up?

      Bowen:  Yes, Sir.

      Q:  And by whom?  A:  Dr. Dolan and myself and some assistant.

      Q:  And when it was placed back, do you think it was put back in exactly the position you found it when you went up there first?   A:  Somewhat similar.  I won’t say exactly.  (why won’t he?)

      Q:  Do you recall whether the arms were put back in the same position or was it a modification of their position? 

      A:  I didn’t notice particularly at that time.  (in other words, they were moved).

      Dolan pointed out later in his testimony that “her hands were nearer the wall than her head…they were not clasped.”

      They lifted her to make a preliminary count of the wounds before the photographer got there.  Shoddy work…

      My esteemed colleague June has no peer at evaluating the social mores and customs of the period.  Her insight into the way people lived in that time and place is first rate – and has shed much light on the Borden case for the group.

      But she once claimed on these very pages that Andrew was whacked more times than Abby…

      It’s like June experiences amnesia and déjà vu at the same time!

      She likes to hint that the Borden murders were the result of a mysterious conspiracy. 

      But remember this, my minions.  If that were true, it would be the first domestic homicide murder conspiracy in true crime annals.  At least according to my records…






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