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Re: [40Whacks] Lizzie expert advance reader(s) needed

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  • Muriel Arnold
    Hi Laura: Hope someone was able to help you with your McHenry-Trickey affair. I m assuming you are referring to the event of the Boston Globe s list of names
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2004
      Hi Laura:
      Hope someone was able to help you with your McHenry-Trickey affair. I'm
      assuming you are referring to the event of the Boston Globe's list of names
      and witnesses who saw or heard Lizzie in the act of killing Mrs. Borden. My
      best to you with that one.

      Time and time again you have claimed that there had to be a motive for
      killing Mrs. Borden.
      Sorry. Even Knowlton was forced to say that there need not be a motive, but
      there was always a cause; the very stance I have taken for years.
      I was reading about a murder which happened in Seattle, Washington, On May
      18, 1974. This murder reminded me how much alike this murder was to those
      of Abby Borden and Bertha Manchester.

      There was no motive for any of them. Anger was the cause for all three.
      Abby - struck 19 times (I claim a cleaver was used).
      Bertha Manchester - struck over 20 times with a hatchet.
      Bertha Lush, 64, owner and operator of the Eldorado Motel, struck 28 times
      with a ball peen hammer.

      What all three had in common was that they were boss.
      Abby bossed Bridget (the only one she could boss).
      Bertha was boss on the farm when her father wasn't around.
      Bertha Lush was boss of that motel.

      All three mishandled the situation they found themselves in. None of these
      murders would have happened IF (the biggest word in the English dictionary)
      they had behaved differently.

      1. If Abby had agreed to postpone the window washing, neither she nor
      Andrew would have died that day.
      2. If Bertha Manchester had been able to speak Portuguese or Jose English,
      she wouldn't have died.
      3. If Bertha Lush had allowed James Elledge to do chores to pay his $7
      motel bill, or sent the bill to his friend, an air controller in New Mexico,
      who had told her he would pay it, she wouldn't have died.

      I hold that not one of our three murderers even dreamed that they would be
      committing murder on the day that they did do so. Hell, they weren't even
      looking for a fight. They met their victims, had words, words turned to
      anger and anger turned into action.

      Sorry June, but I have to agree with Benjamin Buffinton, the former homicide
      detective, who went to the Borden house the morning of the murders. He told
      reporters that the murder of Mrs. Borden had not been premeditated, the
      murder of Mr. Borden was the removal of somebody out of the way, and the
      murder weapon had to have been a cleaver.

      Unfortunately, along came Harrington, Medley and our dear friend District
      Attorney Hosea Knowlton, and the rest is history.
      Have a great day.
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      Subject: [40Whacks] Lizzie expert advance reader(s) needed

      > Hello Borden-philes,
      > A while back I told you about a novel I've written about the Borden
      > case (well, it's more about the McHenry-Trickey affair against the
      > backdrop of the trial). I'm writing now because I'm looking for an
      > advance reader with knowledge of the case who is interested in taking
      > a look-see. I spent three years researching and writing the novel,
      > it's been professionally edited, and my fiction critique group has
      > given it a thorough once-over. I've sent the first three chapters to
      > the appropriate addresses in New York City, and I've gotten hits
      > (i.e. requests for full mss.) But it hasn't passed muster with anyone
      > specifically familiar with the case, the place, or the time. I'd love
      > to have the feedback of a Lizzie aficionado (or two). Unfortunately,
      > I have yet to be paid for anything I've written, so I can't offer any
      > money, just gratitude, which hopefully might someday be expressed in
      > an Author's Acknowledgement. :) I promise that it's not garbage (or I
      > wouldn't have gotten these positive responses from NYC). The novel is
      > written in Word so I'd be sending it as an email Word attachment. If
      > you're interested, kindly email me at Laura4991@... - thanks
      > so much! Laura James
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