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FW: [40Whacks] Re: Maplecroft

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  • Jeffrey Tesch
    Sorry to be redundant - wasn t sure this went the first time. JT ... From: Jeffrey Tesch [mailto:jtesch@cinci.rr.com] Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2003 11:19 PM
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 1950
      Sorry to be redundant - wasn't sure this went the first time.


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      Now why is that certain? Every account I've ever read has her dying at
      home, including Rebello's impeachable volume, which lists several
      contemporary obits: i.e "Her Death At Home on French Street Last Night"
      in the Fall River Herald News of June 2, 1927. I suspect they got it

      Lizzie was in Truesdale Hospital in February 1926, and she never
      recovered from that illness. But you can be certain that she died at

      I am extremely aware of the facts of this case, especially the
      Maplecroft period. I have in my extensive true crime library every
      Lizzie Borden book ever written: with the exception of the one I named
      in yesterday's post.

      So why are you under the mistaken impression that Lizzie died in a

      And to my faithful Maplecroft minions: Your patience will be rewarded
      soon enough. Especially Patsy, who has proven herself worthy to the
      tenth power.


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      From: augustinfallriver [mailto:augustinfallriver@...]
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      Jeffrey, I think you had a bad dream. Either that or you are not
      aware of the facts at all. It is certain that Lizzie Borden died in a
      hospital, not in her own home.

      --- In 40Whacks@yahoogroups.com, "Jeffrey Tesch" <jtesch@c...> wrote:
      > I dreamed of Maplecroft last night.
      > It was June 1st 1927, and Lizzie is near death.
      > The spires and trees of "The Hill" glimmered in the last sliver of
      > moonlight before dawn.
      > Inside Maplecroft, the most enigmatic woman in America must
      > her ghosts.
      > Her last days read like a Victorian novel.
      > The cloud of gruesome suspicion has never lifted,
      > and the ache of her exile drifts across infinite time.
      > Swollen and sunken, she lays dying in her big lonely house,
      > her memory shining and darkening, her fears disowned for ancient
      > reasons.
      > I hear the voice of her gray eyes, and reach for her hand,
      > The last skin of darkness she could hold.
      > Hidden in her heart is the truth about a grim and terrible crime.
      > And with her, the knowledge of that truth will perish.
      > Her breathing urgent now, the house quickens and consumes her
      > Leaving the mistress to face a final judgment
      > From beyond any earthly court:
      > Is getting away with murder worse than getting caught?
      > The answer will be easier to bury
      > Than to forget....
      > JT


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