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Re: [40Whacks] RE;Lindbergh kidnapping

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  • Jeffrey K. Tesch
    Mark: I saw both the Hopkins version and the newer HBO film starring Stephen Rea ( Crying Game ) as Hauptmann. It s called Crime of the Century and its one
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 21, 2002

      I saw both the Hopkins version and the newer HBO film starring Stephen Rea
      ("Crying Game") as Hauptmann. It's called "Crime of the Century" and its
      one of the best true crime movie's I've seen. I actually cried during the
      electrocution scene, it was so heart wrenching. This movie showed that
      Hauptmann was guilty only of laundering some of the ransom money, and was
      not involved in killing the child.

      Only immediate family and a few servants knew the Lindbergh's would be
      staying at the Hopewell New Jersey estate the night of the kidnapping
      instead of in New York. There's just no way Hauptmann, 4 hours away in the
      Bronx, could have known that... But one of the female servants did commit
      suicide rather than submit to more interrogation.

      Sorry to transgress away from Lizzie, but this case is a real mystery...

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      >Hello everyone
      >I've noticed lately, that the Lindbergh kidnapping is being thrown
      >around a lot, has anyone seen the tv movie, starring Anthony Hopkins
      >as Bruno Hauptmann? This was another of those movies I saw when I was
      >a kid, and like the Legend of Lizzie Borden, it made a lasting
      >Thanks, Mark
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