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  • Muriel Arnold
    Jun 1, 2002
      There's no way you could get me to try to find and re-read Engstrom's book.
      It was the pits.
      1. Trip to barn: The cops had been there in June when someone stole some
      of Lizzie's pigeons.
      2. Emma, Chief instigator? Very unlikely. She catered to Lizzie. As for
      her being a closet alcoholic? The cops would have found liquor in that
      closet had there been any. A big fat no on that one.
      3. Lizzie a multiple personality? If she had it, she sure as hell managed
      to keep it from everyone. No sign of that either.
      4. Lesbian? I hardly think that either. Not even with one woman.
      Many claim Lizzie should have brought hay in on the hem of her dress. What
      would that have proven? The cops had been all over the barn. They could
      have brought some in the house on their shoes and Lizzie have the misfortune
      to get some on hers if she'd walked where they had walked.
      The amazing thing is her not having blood on her shoes. The cops with their
      big feet could have gotten some on theirs and her walk where they had walked
      and picked some up that way. But no blood was found on them.

      Oh, I found someone who could be used as Andrew Borden's paramour. What
      about Charles Cook, Borden's insurance agent? He was responsible for
      collecting rents for Andrew and they spoke nearly every day.
      Got to go now. Take care.

      Muriel Arnold

      Author of Lizzie Borden Hands of Time
      For more information
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      > Hello everyone;
      > One of the things i found really bizarre about Elizabeth Engstrom's
      > book, was the absolute conviction which events were portrayed,
      > despite the fact that a lot of it was bogus.For example, the author
      > claims that Lizzie spent a lot of time in the hayloft in the barn,
      > where she said she ate her pears, but as everyone knows, the Fall
      > River police found no evidence of anyone being there in quite some
      > time. The book however claims otherwise. Also the book paints Emma as
      > the chief instigator in the murders, and a closet alcoholic!! Lizzie
      > comes off as a woman with multiple personality disorder, and a
      > lesbian, in love with two different women, maybe three!! Is there any
      > substantiated evidence at all, proving she was a lesbian, or is that
      > also bogus on the part of Elizabeth Engstrom?
      > Thanks again, Mark
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