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  • Laura4991@prodigy.net
    Nov 21, 2001
      Hi, I can see that the Lizzie Borden e-group has been quiet lately.
      Is everyone busy reading????

      I've been reading your old messages. I am glad to find other people
      who are mesmerized by this case. I have read at least a dozen books
      about Lizzie. The absolute all-time best is Victoria Lincoln's
      book, "A Private Disgrace." I just finished it (read it twice in one
      week, in fact). For the first time, so many things clicked into

      I think I'm fascinated with the case for a few reasons:
      1) I like true crime / serial killer stuff in general
      2) I am convinced she did it (it seems so Obvious!!) and I understand
      *why* she did it (to get control over her life).
      3) It engrosses me in part because the men who judged her at the time
      just didn't "get it" and that makes me feel a bit superior.

      My husband of course thinks I'm nuts. He thinks my Lizzie fetish is
      a "woman thing." I think he's right.
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