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822Re: "The Other Sister"

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  • Ynr Chyldz Wyld
    Aug 2, 2001
      --- In 40Whacks@y..., "Jeffrey K. Tesch" <jktesch@c...> wrote:
      > It was just OK. The Actress playing Emma looked 20 years younger
      >than the one playing Lizzie, even with her gray hair. And in this
      >version Lizzie is the mother figure while Emma is like a dreamy
      >child. Lizzie finally sends her back to Fairhaven after threatening
      >a lady reporter who had found the hatchet while interviewing the

      Can't say that I've ever heard of this episode...

      But I'd wonder why a "lady reporter" was able to find evidence up a
      chimney when the police, who almost tore the house apart, could not...

      Which chimney? Surely not the one for the kitchen stove....

      > Interesting point: Emma claims that she hated Abby even more than

      Probably true. Remember, Emma was about 12 when her mother died, and
      about 14 when Andrew remarried, while Lizzie was little more than an
      infant when her mother died and only about 2 years old when Abby came
      on the scene...

      Emma would have had a better memory of her natural mother, would have
      acted the role of mother to Lizzie and mistress of the house, if not
      actually 'wife' to Andrew (no sexual allegations implied)...

      Even birth mothers have problems with their children when they reach
      their teens...I'm sure that Abby found Emma quite cool towards her
      when Andrew married her...but I suspect that with Emma it was acted
      out in a passive-aggressive manner...with Lizzie as the go-between...

      By all accounts Abby was a pretty nice lady (although I suspect she
      wasn't the pushover that modern writers cast her as), and I don't
      believe two-year old Lizzie would have hated Abby from the start. I
      think that Lizzie probably had a pretty good relationship with Abby
      for most of the time, albeit with Emma playing her own passive-
      aggressive games on the sidelines...

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