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2606Hey everyone

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  • Donna
    Sep 21, 2008
      Wow has it really been almost a year since anyone has posted anything?
      I was looking to see if there was a new Lizzie film in production
      because I heard there might be one. I didn't find anything except the
      1975 film and also some straight to video one called "The Curse of
      Lizzie Borden". Looks pretty cheesy, doubt if I will ever watch it. I
      don't know if this subject has ever been covered, but just wondering,
      if they ever did film a new version (I think they should!) who do you
      think would be the best actors to portray everyone? If they had made a
      new film 10 years ago I would say Kathy Bates to play Lizzie, but now
      she's too old. Maybe Frances McDormand. I only think of her because I
      just saw that new film Miss Pettigrew and she does a great job looking
      frumpy lol.
      Anyway I miss the old debates in here. Where is everyone??
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