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  • Tango9311@xxx.xxx
    May 31, 1999
      Hi... I'm Linn, the list-owner, and I'd like to welcome the new subscribers
      who have joined "40 Whacks". I've been interested in the story of Lizzie
      Borden for many years, and I'm looking forward to exchanging ideas and
      information with others through this list. The list was created only a few
      days ago, so at this point we're a very small group! I hope that will soon
      change though... and please do tell others about "40 Whacks". All new
      subscribers are welcome.

      If you have any questions about the list, you can send e-mail directly to me
      at Tango9311@.... or you can visit the OneList website at www.onelist.com.

      Thanks again for joining "40 Whacks".