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  • Muriel Arnold
    Nov 10, 2002
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      Hi Autumn
      Kind of hard to explain, but here goes. The murder of Mrs. Borden was
      unpremidatated. Bridget had cooked breakfast, did the dishes, had a
      hangover and was queasy to her stomach. She heard Mrs. Borden tell Lizzie
      she was going to buy meat for dinner (lunch down here), and by the time she
      finished doing the windows, she would have to start cooking dinner.
      All Bridget was asking of Mrs. Borden was to agree to postpone the window
      washing, but Mrs. Borden refused. That was the straw which broke the
      camel's back so to speak.
      Benjamin Buffinton, on the 9th of September, said Mrs. Borden's murder had
      not been premidatated, and Mr. Borden's was the removal of somebody out of
      the way.
      According to my findings, it told me Mr. Borden was still in the sitting
      room when Bridget killed Mrs. Borden. When the cops came up with Mrs.
      Borden's digestion had stopped two hours after eating, (and Morse said they
      ate at 7:00), Andrew would have known that Bridget and Mrs. Borden were both
      upstairs around 9:00. Bridget had no choice but to kill him when he came
      home and took his usual morning nap (Bridget claimed he did that) before

      What I've never been able to understand was why Knowlton paid no attention
      to the fact that Bridget claimed she re-entered the house at 10:20 to get
      the dipper to rinse off the windows and was through by 10:30.

      Bridget had to move the ladder from one window to the next, climb the
      ladder, get down, move the ladder, pail and dipper, 11 times, get more
      water from the barn, all in the space of ten minutes? And yes, she said she
      replaced the long pole in the barn after rinsing off the windows. Let's not
      forget, Bridget was sick besides. IMPOSSIBLE.
      Had Mrs. Borden agreed to postpone the windows washing, there would have
      been no murders.

      Muriel Arnold

      Author of Lizzie Borden Hands of Time
      For more information
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      > Ok, like Patsy I will weigh in on this but I am sure
      > everyone already knows my thoughts on this. I believe
      > that Lizzie killed both Andrew and Abbie. The first
      > book I ever read was Radin's and he believed Bridget
      > was the culprit. I started out with that belief too
      > but after reading more on the case I came to the
      > conclusion that Lizzie was the one who had everything
      > to gain. No matter what I can't believe that having to
      > wash windows is more of a reason to commit a double
      > murder than committing a murder to gain a large
      > inheritance.
      > Autumn
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      > I feel it would be cowardly not to weigh in on the
      > JT/Muriel discussion because I really enjoy Muriel's
      > enthusiasm if not her theory. In order to accept the
      > window washing fiasco, I would have to envision
      > Bridget hunting for an axe, climbing those stairs, and
      > hacking Mrs. Borden beyond the beyond. It just seems
      > to me that she could have become fed up, and tendered
      > her resignation. It is also harder to believe (as a
      > motive) considering the scope of her duties in the
      > house which did not seem all that overwhelming to me.
      > It seems to me that everyone in that household chipped
      > in to keeping the house. I don't find it all that
      > surprising that Bridget would become frightened that
      > she was about to be arrested. Considering the times
      > (no Irish no apply ), she probably figured that she
      > might be under suspicion because of her station in
      > life, the fact that she didn't see a stranger in or
      > around the house during the window washing, and that
      > maybe even she couldn't imagine a daughter killing her
      > parents.
      > Patsy
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