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1179Re: [40Whacks] Even More Bundy

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  • Patsy751@aol.com
    Nov 8, 2002
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      I feel it would be cowardly not to weigh in on the JT/Muriel discussion because I really enjoy Muriel's enthusiasm if not her theory.  In order to accept the window washing fiasco, I would have to envision Bridget hunting for an axe, climbing those stairs, and hacking Mrs. Borden beyond the beyond.  It just seems to me that she could have become fed up, and tendered her resignation.  It is also harder to believe (as a motive) considering the scope of her duties in the house which did not seem all that overwhelming to me.  It seems to me that everyone in that household chipped in to keeping the house.  I don't find it all that surprising that Bridget would become frightened that she was about to be arrested.  Considering the times (no Irish no apply ), she probably figured that she might be under suspicion because of her station in life, the fact that she didn't see a stranger in or around the house during the window washing, and that maybe even she couldn't imagine a daughter killing her parents.

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