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  • Muriel Arnold
    Nov 8, 2002
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      Hi Pat:
      You mention "his truth" and end up believing his own lies.  That is very possible.  After lying so many times, the truth becomes what his last story had been.  And, if you question the latest story, those people will change it again without batting an eye.
      The only thing I disagree with you is Lizzie.  It was Bridget who told lie after lie till she finally had it "straight" and thereby explaining an event to everyone's satisfaction so to speak.  Example:
      Lizzie said her father rang the bell when her father came home.
      Bridget said she saw him coming across the street and ran across the lower floor to let him in.
      She heard the bell ring.  Oops.
      She did not hear the bell ring.  She was washing the inside sitting room window, heard someone trying to get in and went to let him in.
      And J.T., I'm not trying to promote my book.  All I'm doing is arguing about whatever someone has come up with that I disagree with, pointing out what my findings were about that particular subject.
      Does anyone know the name of the author and the book someone wrote, it was a short story, about Lizzie killing her parents after a leisurely dinner, went outside and there were chickens in the yard?  That was as far as I got on that one, when I closed the book.  That was back in the 1980's when I came across that story.
      Muriel Arnold
      Author of  Lizzie Borden Hands of Time
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      And yes, how do they live with themselves after getting away with
      murder.  I'm sure OJ has some dark nights of the soul.

      I disagree with that. I had a boss who was a compulsive liar -- at least he wasn't a murderer, but I came to see that the first time he told a lie, he knew it was a lie and then the second and third time and subsequent times he repeated a story, I really think he believed it was the truth. It was "his truth," and I believe OJ -- and Lizzie -- were the same way. They grew to believe they didn't do it.



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