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1176Re: [40Whacks] Even More Bundy

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  • PatriciaLu@aol.com
    Nov 8, 2002
      In a message dated 11/7/2002 11:54:23 PM Eastern Standard Time, jtesch@... writes:

      And yes, how do they live with themselves after getting away with
      murder.  I'm sure OJ has some dark nights of the soul.

      I disagree with that. I had a boss who was a compulsive liar -- at least he wasn't a murderer, but I came to see that the first time he told a lie, he knew it was a lie and then the second and third time and subsequent times he repeated a story, I really think he believed it was the truth. It was "his truth," and I believe OJ -- and Lizzie -- were the same way. They grew to believe they didn't do it.

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