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1170RE: [40Whacks] Even More Bundy

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  • Jeffrey Tesch
    Nov 7, 2002
      Doesn't make any sense to me. Like you, I'm sure Lizzie did it, and for
      what's fascinating in this case is the fact that she got away with it,
      went to lead a reasonably normal life after having commited this
      crimes. Interesting personality, who can do something like this.

      ***I couldn't have said it better myself. If the .0001% chance that
      Lizzie is innocent comes true, the case ceases to have any interest for
      me. And yes, how do they live with themselves after getting away with
      murder. I'm sure OJ has some dark nights of the soul.

      RBT - I might add that her life at Maplecroft was anything but normal.
      I've done extensive research on this period (with Patsy's help!). The
      Nance O'Neal thing was a real eye opener, not to mention the total
      estrangement from Emma after 1905. Rebello's book shows that Emma lived
      5 blocks away from Lizzie 1912-1916, yet there is no record of them ever
      meeting or speaking. Maybe Emma's heart realized what her head already

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