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  • Jeffrey Tesch
    Nov 6, 2002



      Muriel wrote:

      What I was saying was that this window washing was the straw that broke the camel's back.  I say this was not the first time that Mrs. Borden got Bridget mad about something.


                  ***Bridget was quoted as saying she would have left the Borden’s and found other employment but she couldn’t leave Mrs. Borden.  Abby’s servants always spoke well of her.

                  I think everyone will agree that Lizzie was the one who kept getting mad about something Mrs. Borden did.


      How do we know whether Andrew Borden gave Lizzie and Emma a bunch of them that he didn't use? 


                  ***Read your Rebello.  The tickets were numbered.  Only “Mrs. Borden’s room” was ransacked by a thief who entered a locked house and avoided Lizzie, Emma, and Bridget.  Andrew knew who did it…   


      Okay J.T., I won't argue with you.  You are determined Lizzie was guilty. 


                  ***I’m not determined – I KNOW she did it.  I’ve studied thousands of cases and there’s nothing complex about this one.  Of course Lizzie did it!  That’s the beauty of it…


                 Is there even one other person in this group who buys into Muriel’s Radin rehash theory? 


      I for one grow weary of “goose-stepping” to the shameless promotion of your book within this group.  And you have the nerve to repeatedly denigrate a fine author like Victoria Lincoln, who wrote the best work on this case (epilepsy aside) which happened to win the “Edgar Allen Poe Best Fact Crime Book Award” from Mystery Writer’s of America in 1967.  She got inside Lizzie’s head so deep I still get chills when reading it.


      I’ll be leaving the group again soon, because there are real mystery’s out there to solve.  Before I go, I’d like to hear others weigh in on Muriel’s “Bridget did it because she was ticked off” theory.






      Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 7:56 PM

      Subject: RE: [40Whacks] Even More Bundy



               Muriel wrote:

      Hi J.T.

      I agree with you that Ted Bundy most likely killed Ann Marie Burr.


               ***I have not revealed my own conclusion about this yet, so you can’t agree with me.


      Bridget Sullivan was as good a liar as Bundy but, she did not start killing at an early age.  She was ticked off at Mrs. Borden's refusal to postpone the window washing.


               ***no one hacks their employer’s head 19 times with an axe because they’re ticked off about an unpleasant chore.  Abby was killed by someone who had evolved years of animosity into a massive orgasm of hate.  WE’RE TALKING 19 BLOWS TO THE HEAD HERE PEOPLE!   It was pure repressed venom unleashed.  Don’t even bother to dispute this, Muriel.  Bridget’s anger would have subsided with the first blow.



               She agrees with me that Leonard Rebello's book, "Lizzie Borden Past and Present" is the best sourcebook you can lay your hands on.


               ***I agree.  Rebello’s book is the best.  On page 36 we learn that Lizzie gave the horse car tickets she stole during the daylight robbery to several persons who fingered her as the giver when accosted by police after presenting the tickets.  This is why Andrew requested the investigation be dropped.  The “Daylight Robbery” of 1891 was the dry run for the murders, and again the prime target was Abby.  Only this time Lizzie knew Andrew wouldn’t protect her.


      J.T.  It is not unusual for serial killers to start early.  14 is the ripe age for them to start.


               ***In a recent study of 200 serial killers only Peter Kuerten (1930 Germany) and Edmund Kemper (1973 California) were found to have murdered before age 14.  But by age 14 all were found to share three characteristics:

      1) chronic bedwetting; 2) compulsive setting of fires; 3) torture of dogs and cats.


           Muriel, I appreciate your information on Bundy, but I have all 5 books about him, including “The Phantom Prince”, written by the woman who lived with him while he was murdering college coeds. 








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