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  • Muriel Arnold
    Nov 3, 2002
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      Hi J.T.
      I agree with you that Ted Bundy most likely killed Ann Marie Burr.
      Bridget Sullivan was as good a liar as Bundy but, she did not start killing at an early age.  She was ticked off at Mrs. Borden's refusal to postpone the window washing.
      Just got off the phone with my friend from New Hampshire.  She agrees with me that Leonard Rebello's book, "Lizzie Borden Past and Present" is the best sourcebook you can lay your hands on.
      Rebello was not trying to solve the case.  All he did was research.  So far, I'm on page 118 and found but two errors.  One I believe is typographical.  And June, Rebello, talking about the barn has it that there was a sleigh and carriage in it, so I'm not senile yet.
      His book is not a novel.  It is pure research.  He came across Lizzie supposedly going to Walter Brow's drugstore, corner of Second and Borden streets, asking for chloroform to kill a cat.  That one I'd never heard of.  Now that makes three versions of Lizzie wanting to kill Mrs. Borden's cat.  Heck, I don't think Mrs. Borden even had a cat.
      J.T.  It is not unusual for serial killers to start early.  14 is the ripe age for them to start.  By then they think they know it all and remain self centered.  They also are quite willing to help search for the missing kid.  That's what really gets me.  And if the cops don't find the victim soon enough, they "accidentally stumble" upon the corpse.
      I'll check my tapes and if I find something I think you might be interested in, I'll let you know.
      Muriel Arnold
      Author of  Lizzie Borden Hands of Time
      For more information
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      Subject: [40Whacks] Even More Bundy


      He was Tacoma’s most notorious son, a vicious killer who raped, tortured and murdered women and girls in at least 5 states.


      She was an 8-year-old girl who disappeared from her home in the night.


      And for a time, Ted Bundy and Ann Marie Burr shared the same North End neighborhood.  Was this an eerie coincidence or the key to an unsolved mystery?


          Hey group, I’m finishing my piece on the Bundy/Burr connection, and thought I’d share the lead.  I would appreciate any and all feedback on this bizarre equation.  Because Folks, this is a REAL MYSTERY!!!


      Here’s what they said:


      Ted Bundy in a letter to the Ann Marie’s parents: “I had nothing to do with your daughter’s disappearance.  You said she disappeared Aug. 31, 1961.  At the time I was a normal 14-year-old boy…I had absolutely no desire to harm anyone…For your sake you must really understand this.”


      Ted Bundy to Washington Detective Bob Keppel while denying his guilt:  “No.  Absolutely not.  That’s one of the few I wish people would believe…It’s important for my credibility…I would like to be polygraphed to enhance the credibility.”  (both quotes made during the two weeks preceding Bundy’s execution, when he confessed to 30 murders)


      Bob Keppel on Ted:  “Ted was a lifelong liar, and he was lying about this.  He said there were some murders people like him would never talk about.  Murders committed to close to home, too close to family, and of victims who were very young.  Ann Marie Burr fit all three.”


      Author Ann Rule on Bundy/Burr: “I think he killed Ann Marie.  I think that, quite probably, she was his first victim.”


      Tacoma Detective Tony Zatkovich:  “He was a real murderer and one of the worst, but Bundy absolutely had nothing to do with this.”


      Ted Bundy’s mother:  “We were such a close family.  He was living at home.  All these other things happened when he was away.”


      An older woman who lived near the Burr’s in 1962:  “Ted was the morning paperboy…that little girl really thought he was something…she would have gone with him if he asked her to crawl out the window.”


      Ron Holmes, Psychologist who interviewed Bundy in 1986:  “He spoke hypothetically about his crimes and said the hypothetical killer could have started at age 14 or 15 by killing an 8 or 9 year old girl.”


      Ted Bundy once again:  The Burr house was all the way across town from where I hung out as a kid and had my paper route.”


            Hope I’m not boring everyone with this, but I find it fascinating!  A REAL MYSTERY!!!


            As a good detective, I decided to research the addresses of the Bundy’s and the Burr’s back in 1961 Tacoma, and then pull up a Tacoma map and check out the logistics.  Also find the addresses of Bundy’s Uncle and the house where Ann Marie took piano lessons, supposedly next door to the Uncle.


           I’ll post the startling results next week.  STAY TUNED!!!





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