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Oddzial Osmy - March 2015 releases

A new stuff for this month: SA-6115 MT-LBM 6MB (15 pcs) - MT-LB with 30mm gun SA-6116 SA-15 Gauntlet (9K330 Tor) (15 pcs) - short range SAM system MN-636
12:06 PM

Re: Updated 3mm wish list

Few ideas! WWII: German Wirbelwind German Ostwind German Sdkfz 251/17 Flak German Sdkfz 251/20 w/ Infrared German Sdkfz Stuka zu Fub (rocket launcher) German
10:14 AM

The Huzzah! 2015 Challenge: Can you help us reach 100 new registrati

Hi All, Pre-registration for Huzzah! 2015 is now open! Come join us for Maine's premier historical miniature war gaming event! We've had a big increase in the
Mar 30

Re: Updated 3mm wish list

Alas, this is sort of a moot argument, since Marcin has already put so much effort into creating a wide range of specific infantry figures... but next time --
Mar 29

Re: Updated 3mm wish list

On the whole, I tend to agree. I'd love a 'generic' pack. Although some differences are noticeable for particular nations IMHO. Differences tend to be in
Mar 29

Got some to off load

Was looking at 3mm but in the end decided against it. Got some O8 to get rid of all modern: Us-619 m1A1 Uk-623 Challenger PP-101 Ultra Modern Sample Pack
Mar 29

Re: Updated 3mm wish list

... In fact I agree here! ... I think RPG and Bazooka type should kneel or be prone, too. ... Full agreement here! -- Regards, Pat
Pat Collins
Mar 29

Re: Updated 3mm wish list

Also, an M7 "defrocked Priest" version of the Kangaroo APC would be nice ...and I second the vote for the German Heer infantry, standing. Although really: in
Mar 28

Re: Updated 3mm wish list

Bicorn foot skirmishing for the Napoleonic range On Sat, Mar 28, 2015 at 3:13 AM, Fred Bloggs freddbloggs@...
Jerome Johnson
Mar 28

Re: Updated 3mm wish list

Sigh, my wish list is nice and short, a Conqueror Tank and the Bristol Belvedere Helicopter. From: mailto:3mm_miniatures@yahoogroups.com Sent: Friday, March
Fred Bloggs
Mar 27

Re: Updated 3mm wish list

100% agree about Mr. Marcin and have been very pleased with my discovery of 1/600 O8 minis. I like your list and would want to add. Would also like to add
Mar 27

Re: Updated 3mm wish list

I will second the IDF figures. Israel: Merkava III MBT Merkava IV MBT Namer APC Achzarit APC Sabra / M60T MBT “People often avoid making decisions out of
Jon Yuengling
Mar 26

Updated 3mm wish list

Oddzial Osmy's 3mm range is truly fabulous and has almost everything I should want. Marcin is one of the more reliable and prolific sculptors and producers in
Mar 26

Re: "Counter-Attack" BATREP

Sounds reasonable : )
Mar 23

Re: OOB for GBWW2 Drop Zone Arnhem Scenario

... It was an Open Office file. -- Regards, Pat
Pat Collins
Mar 22
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