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68alam mo na ba ang balita? :O

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  • cowabunga922
    Oct 20, 2008
      Friends, Romans, Countrymen.. .

      because I my eyes miss your faces, my nose misses your essence, my
      tongue misses the... taste of food when i eat with you, my skin misses
      your touch/kagat/ sampal/suntok.

      and i know you miss me too, and you miss the others as well...

      so when? i think dapat FRIDAY=== para free and lasallista's.
      so I SUGGEST OCT. 24th? or 31st?

      where? you want it the way we did it before? cuenca... yeah. para we
      can DO ANYTHING.

      or does anybody got a place? you might wanna share...

      MY LOVES, you know how makulit I could be... so reply na!!!

      time to update each other. time to kwento. time to pic-out. time to
      open up. time to time out. :D

      so you game? be game!!!

      ok ka ba, oct 24/31st?
      ok ba na cuenca na lang or may kilala kang may place?
      ok ba let's meet 6:30pm?

      yun lang naman ang importanteng mga tanong.
      bring instruments. bring food. bring camera. bring food. bring you!