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4294Re: [3D-Stereograms] Sea Garden

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  • G Levine
    Jan 11 10:59 AM
      I meant to say the image was created during a deadline crunch for a specific project--along with many other images--and there simply wasn't enough time to pay enough attention to detail or detect and correct minor mistakes.
      This particular image was in fact posted after the project was finished.


      On Jan 2, 2014, at 9:18 PM, Francois Fermier wrote:


      I'll blame it on a combination of deadline pressure

      possible sol'n: wait until the pressure is off, and then post. No one will be upset if they have to wait.

      On Friday, December 13, 2013 10:15 AM, Frank Fermier <francois.fermier@...> wrote:
      Looks great at this end.

      On Dec 13, 2013, at 3:56 AM, G Levine <mail.gene@...> wrote:

      There are a couple of real flaws in this one.  I'll blame it on a combination of deadline pressure and balancing a huge amount of objects.  Oddly, with all the objects the thing that ends up drawing my own attention the most is the water ceiling.  It manages to show a very substantial depth without going into hyper-stereo.



      by Gene & Gary

      by Gene & Gary

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