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4219Re: [3D-Stereograms] Run for the Money - YUAN

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  • G Levine
    Aug 21, 2013
      Thanks Frank,
      The result of making one runner in 3D would be an anaglyph requiring Red/Cyan 3D glasses to view.  Anaglyphs are generally created from a stereo-pair stereogram since you can't so do stereo with mono.  


      On Jul 26, 2013, at 7:53 AM, FRANK HOCZA wrote:

      Always such beautiful stereograms !!! Is there a technique to show only one runner in 3d?
      Thanks Sincerely,

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      Subject: [3D-Stereograms] Run for the Money - YUAN

      I found a good resolution 100 Yuan bill on the internet.  There is no copyright I know of involving national currencies.  It's the Feds and Interpol you have to worry about.  
      This is part of my Run for the Money series involving USD, Yen, & Yuan.  After that I'll have to start my own United Stereopsis currency.

      Most notable (no pun intended) thing about this stereogram is the array is laterally angled.  It's a pain to work with, but I think creates a nice dynamic with the upper non-angled roof, facia, and eve.  



      by Gene & Gary

      by Gene & Gary

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