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Robot Arena

Hi, I'm looking for a copy of Robot Arena by SPA Publishing. Has anyone played it, heard of it or even have a copy? I can't find any info online so anything
Sep 6, 2014

Re: RML380z keyboard value?

Ok thanks a lot for your input Simon and Dave. I think I will try to verify its working ok first. I just need to figure out how to test it without the base
Mar 31, 2014

Re: RML380z keyboard value?

Hi Paul It’s normally the other way around, 380Z without a keyboard! If you’re after a starting price for an auction then try £25 and see how it goes.
Dave Poynter
Mar 31, 2014

Re: RML380z keyboard value?

I can't advise on the price as never seen one for sale on its own, best guess would be about £20 - The centre for computing history in Cambridge would
Simon Hardy
Mar 31, 2014

RML380z keyboard value?

Hi, I was clearing out my workshop and found an old 380Z keyboard tucked away. I am not sure if it's in working order, but it looks to be in good condition. I
Mar 31, 2014

Re: Looking for system disks

Hi John Welcome to the club! I can help you out if you can send me some black floppies. There are images for various bits of software in the files section but
Dave Poynter
Mar 23, 2014

Re: Looking for system disks

If you have a suitable PC (5.25 inch 360/720 kb drive and windows 98SE) then I can send you image files and instructions - but I have no spare floppy disks so
Simon Hardy
Mar 23, 2014

Looking for system disks

Hello, I recently acquired a Black RM380Z which appears to be in working order but came without system disks. I was lured into computing by the RM380Z at my
Mar 23, 2014

Re: Blue 380z for sale ... andan apology

Wow - both fetched very good prices. Seems like I had a bit of a bargain when I bought my 380Z last year for £360 (thought I'd paid too much)... Hopefully the
Mar 9, 2014

Blue 380z for sale ... andan apology

I notice someone has three 380z auctions on eBay, including a blue and white, and a newer machine with keyboard, disk drives. And sorry I haven't posted in a
Mar 5, 2014

Fwd: [380z] rml380z.org - Domian renewal

... Hi Andy, I noticed that my email didn't get through so here it is again. Btw, Simon, any luck on uploading those images ? Cheers Chris From: Chris
Mr C P Betts (y)
Jan 22, 2014

Re: rml380z.org - Domian renewal

Hi Andy, Just seen your message. I'm happy to help with upkeep costs - how much are you looking for? My 380Z is still waiting for me to get around to it's
Richard Griffiths
Dec 29, 2013

Re: rml380z.org - Domian renewal

Thanks Simon! :) I can upload files with FTP. We will just need someone to create links to the files on the Wiki pages. Andy. ... Thanks Simon! :) I can upload
Andy Taylor
Dec 12, 2013

Re: rml380z.org - Domian renewal

Andy, Happy to cover some of that cost for you..... Can you do bulk upload from your end? - I have 150 disk images for 380z/480z in on my NAS.... On Thursday,
Simon Hardy
Dec 12, 2013

rml380z.org - Domian renewal

Good morning, Its that time of year again - time to renew the domain. This is a £20 per year. Anybody want to help contribute to its cost? Drop me a message
Andy Taylor
Dec 12, 2013
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